Defeating the Lib Agenda - Time to Shut it Down

Created on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 01:00
Written by Ax D. WhiteMan
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Through a strikingly divisive inaugural address, and various commentary from the left; it has become clear that a war has been declared on those that dissent from the Democrat Liberal agenda. John Dickerson spelled it out clearly in his factually flawed "Go for the Throat" piece in Slate. Perhaps this piece and others like it will wake the GOP from it's coma like trance and understand that it is in an existential battle - both for the party, and for the future of Constitutionally limited Government.

Currently, the Obama administration and the Democrat party have not the slightest fear of a battle with Conservatives. They believe they hold all the cards; they have a recent election victory, a compliant fawning major media, throngs of mush minded youngsters raised on liberal public school tripe, and an ever growing group of low-information government dependents. They are certain they can thrash Republicans - any time, anywhere, on any issue.

And why shouldn't they?

The new norm - 8% unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, food stamps for every one - just got a vote of confidence from the American voter.  Meanwhile, the GOP has retreated faster than a French battalion on every major spending issue. 

Yes, Obama and the Libs's can beat the hapless GOP like wet yard dog; but they can't beat reality. They've been living in a make believe world where they can monetize debt and pay no consequence. A fantasy land where they can promise the moon, sun, and stars - and pay for it with another round of quantitative money creation. This fantasy land can only exist if the GOP lead House of Representatives allows it to continue by authorizing future spending and debt.

The GOP must use it's only remaining tool, to force the Administration to face reality. They must demand a SUSTAINABLE BUDGET be submitted prior to authorizing new debt. They must then be committed to a significant Government Shutdown until it's done.

No, they shouldn't submit they're own "cuts." That's been done. The country and the Dems despised the "Ryan Budget." The Dems have the obligation to run the country in a fiscally sound manner. The House has the obligation to withhold appropriations until they bring forth a budget that does so. 

Further, they should make it known that they're prepared to have the Government run in a permanent state of "shut-down" for the duration of this session of Congress. They need to be willing to fade the blistering heat of media attacks, and simply anwer - "Send us a sustainable budget, and we'll appropriate funds."

Of course, the Dems will refuse; and begin a full out attack on the GOP. They'll never expect that they'll not soon fold. They'll be completely unprepared for their true mortal enemy - reality. Yeah, Obama will threaten to withhold Social Security and military pay. Republicans need to be ready, and simply say - "That's his choice-he's got plenty of revenue to pay those bills - but chooses FAT CAT BUREAUCRATS instead".  And then walk calmly away, perhaps reminding people - Hey you voted for him.

Before long public outrage would turn toward the Executive Branch; the party in power - it always does. When it does, the Dems will plead for a truce. They'll ask for an immediate cash influx in return for a promise to comply with the budget demands in a certain number of days. Again, the House should just say no. By this time, huge swaths of the bloated bureaucracy will be crumbling. Lay-off's, shut downs, ya know - just like the what happens in the "real world."

The private sector may even respond positively. With Government hand outs diminishing and government employees looking for work, businesses will be able to fill vacant positions with capable people.  After a short period of "cold turkey" - folks might even realize - "Hey, we don't really need these clowns after all."

It's unlikely that such a long term shut down would ever occur - but if the GOP has any hope of survival; it must at least make it known that this is being seriously considered - and that may in itself cause the DEMS to back down. Because there's one foe the DEMS don't want to fight - that's REALITY.