History of "D. WhiteMan"

The origin of the character "Axel D. Whiteman" can be traced back to the acquaintance of the two hosts in 1994.   "Axel" had recently founded his construction business in Austin, and "Lemmie" had started a commercial painting company in Austin.  During the construction of the Springdale Leasing Offices, Lemmie and Axel entered into a Contract/SubContract agreement where Lemmie's
firm provided painting services for Axel's General Construction company.  During that time the two developed a business and personal relationship that would last far beyond the duration of the project.

From time to time, the two would discuss political, social, and other current topics.

One fateful day, Lemmie walked into Axel''s office and announced, "I gotta "ax" a question, and I gotta ax the white man."

Both Axel and Lemmie laughed, and "Axel" joked, "Ya know, I think that should be my new name -

"Ax D. WhiteMan."

The running joke continued for over 16 years.  At numerous occasions the two men embellished the character "Axel D. WhiteMan" and often mused about the idea of making a radio or tv show called the "Ax D. WhiteMan Show."

While doing research for a planned development, Axel was tasked with investigating the available technology for producing high definition video, and determining if it were feasible to include "on-site" video capture and display as part of the project.  It was during this equipment evaluation and an otherwise dismally slow construction business cycle that Lemmie noticed the camera equipment and said,

"Hey, now we can make the "Ax D. WhiteMan" Show !

And so it began.

With the first very amateurish episode that featured a discussion that centered around Tiger Woods; to the ever improving, slightly less amateurish current episodes ; the Ax D. WhiteMan show strives to bring fact, depth, and context to the major issues of the day.  Taking advantage of the freedom found in the Web TV format (via blip.tv) Axel and Lemmie seek to provide substantive depth and background to the discussion of current events.  The statements of fact are often supported by video images juxtaposed into the show, creating an informative and entertaining experience unlike those found in any other media format.