Bidens "Arm Brace" Confusion

Ok, to be fair, there's a lot of confusion to go around on this subject. I've heard a great deal of mis-information from supposed conservative "experts" on 2A issues. Even John Lott, a verifiable authority on gun crime statistics uttered some very questionable descriptions of Biden's proposed "arm brace" ban. If you don't have any idea of what this "arm brace" controversy is - don't worry - most people dont. It's really not a  controversy. It's really a conflict created by 2 opposing retard level regulatory statutes.

Retard level regulatroy statute 1: No "Rifle" can have a barrel length of less than 16". If a Rifle has a barrel length of less than 16" - it's defined as a "Short Barrel Rifle" (SBR) and subject to rather extreme regulation by the ATF (or AFT as Biden would say) such as registration and payment of a $200 tax and require a "tax stamp" as proof that the owner had paid the $200 tax. This is a feature of the 1934 National Firearms Act, which was the first major gun grab by the US Government. Originally, pistols were to be included in the restricted firearms, with only rifles to remain as readily available consumer items. Because they feared people would circumvent the law's restriction of pistols, they included language to outlaw the shortening of rifle barrels. At the last minute, pistols (hand guns) were removed from the Bill - but the limitation on short barrel rifles remained. The result was, no major manufacturer made SBR's even though there is significant demand for a more manuverable defense weapon with rifle like fire power. There are some SBR's on the market, but they're rediculously expensive.

In an effort to meet the demand for SBR type function, and knowing that Legislators never want to repeal any law regardless of how retarded it may be; they proposed a counter retard level option...

Retard level regulatory ruling 2: An AR-15 "Lower" with a barrel length of less than 16" is "Pistol" (not an SBR) - as long has it doesn't have a "stock". Instead of "stock" manufacturers created the term - "arm brace" and for good measure threw in that it aided people without use of both hands to fire this "Pistol". Well that was alway bullshit, but it's the kind of bullshit that gets things passed, so the ATF agreed that while SBR's were still highly regulated and quasi-illegal - AR Pistols were perfectly fine.

So there you have it, Retard Law 1 (regulating SBR's) was effectively repealed by Retard Ruling 2 (AR-Pistols are not SBR's) creating something of a "Non-Retarded Equilibrium" with to conterbalancing nonesensical laws / rulings.

Now, in effect Joe Biden wants to erase Retard level Ruling 2 returning us to the Retard level restriction on SBR's.

Now some may think it's sound policy to ban the "arm brace" thinking it would ban AR-15 pistols. But it wouldn't. It would just make AR Pistols look like the image below instead of the image of the Pistol above...

Of course no criminal would ever think of doing a mass shooting with such an item, and of course if he did - he'd never attach a stock to it - because mass shooters wouldn't want to make their crime "illegaler" by violating an ATF regulation - and of course it would make about 4 million of us with one of these complete with an arm brace in our closet a criminal. Pretty much sounds retarded to me.

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Browns Steelers Playoff 2021 - thoughts / predictions

Ok, so Joe Biden stole the election, Trump is under political seige, Parler just got shut down by AWS, the very fabric of free speech is under fire from the "Democrats", and the country seems lurching closer violent confrontation every day - but for now, I'm going to watch football. Yeah, I know, they're all spoiled anti-American fascists - but the Browns are in the playoffs and I'm going to watch...

Of course, these aren't exactly the "real Browns," who packed up and moved to Baltimore about 25 years ago. This is an expansion team that inherited the name and history of one of the most successful sports franchises in the world and pretty much trashed it. Just the same, as the team wearing the colors and carrying the name of the team that I grew up living and dying with - I've got to stop and watch what happens tonight.

I have to admit it makes it more interesting that Baker Mayfield, who grew up in the Austin TX, (where I've lived for 30+ years); is at the helm of the Browns and seems to have somehow become the perfect fit to iconify the "Browns" as a gritty determined underdog with enough swag and skill to play give any team a run for the money.

But that's probably not going to happen tonight.

First, the Browns defense has been awful. And that's with Defensive End Olivier Vernon playing at an All Pro level. Now, Vernon is out for at least the balance of the playoffs, and Miles Garrett is playing like he still has Covid-19. The secondary has been riddled with injuries all year and has real trouble matching up with anyone. Even so, the Browns refuse to use blitz packages and seem to always allow a passer eons of time on 3rd or 4th and long. This is how the Browns have become the only team in the playoffs to have allowed more points all year than they've scored all year. Yes, the Browns are 11 - 5; but it's been 11 nail biters and 5 beat downs.

Next, if the Browns injury issues weren't enough - Covid-19 has removed the head coach and All Pro left guard Joel Bitonio; as well as closed their practice facilty for the week. The Browns just barely beat the Steelers last week with a healthy Olivier Vernon, and Bitonio - while the Steelers rested all their key starters. Given the lopsided chain of injury and Covid events of the past week; it's doubtful that the Browns can keep this game close past half-time.


The Browns do have Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb - and the Steelers have shown the ability to come out and play just plain ugly - so, let's go ahead and play the game - maybe the gritty, underdog, Mayfield can throw a couple of sucker punches before the big bad Steelers know what hit them. Probably not, but that's why we play the game!

Go Browns!


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Feeling Good about the Cavs in Game 2

Yes, the Cavs got drilled in game one. But, despite the worst shooting in Cavs recent history; the game seemed to turn on a 3 minute period in the first quarter, and the first 90 seconds of the fourth quarter. In those 4-1/2 minutes the Cavs were outscored 20 - 0. 

A few funny things about the Cavs since their latest reincarnation.

One, they seem to play well in 5 game streaks, then they regress. That's continued through the playoffs. They won game 7 in the first round, then the next 4 in a row before going into a coma.

Two, the "New Guys", all younger, faster, and more athletic - seem to have disappeared. Seems like to beat the Celtics they're going to need some young legs.

Oddly, after the Toronto series, it seems that all Cavs fans should take a moment and consider how much fun it's been for the past 4 years. The Cavs might lose to Boston. It's ok. They actually seem to have better players, and definitely have a better coach. Toronto and every other team in the NBA (except for one) have had more disappointing seasons than the Cavs for 4 straight years. Even this year - the Cavs are a 4 seed - and most of Vegas still has them as the favorite. To a great extent, this team has already over achieved.

This could be the last year with Lebron. I'm going to enjoy this series - no matter what.

Good luck and Go Cavs!

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It's about Delegitimizing SCOTUS not about Kavanaugh

I've come to think that the goal of the post hearing attacks on Judge Kavanaugh are less about defeating his nomination; and more about delegitimizing the Supreme Court.

This is part of a pattern of the left. During the 40 years that Democrats dominated control of the House of Representatives, Democrats routinely described the House as "The Peoples House" where "real power" was vested. During that time, "The House" among other things; ended a foreign war, dramatically shifted immigration policy, and pushed for the removal of a sitting President. When Democrats lost control of "The House," they routinely described actions of "The House" as irrelevant, illegitimate, and worthy of being ignored. Especially in terms of Budget, Immigration, or Border enforcement - not to mention such legislative acts as "The Defense of Marriage Act." 

Democrats will now routinely Judge Shop any legislative act with which they disagree, till they find a sympathetic Judge to issue a ruling in their favor. In open court the Democrat legal teams routinely describe Congress dismissively.

Now it appears they may lose control of the Supreme Court. So it follows, now they must  delegitimize the High Court, so they can defy the rulings of the Court - much in the same way they defy Federal Immigration Law, and Federal Controlled Substance Law.

The last remaining law will be mob rule. That is, whatever the manufactured outrage machine of the left can justify as correct - will become the "New Law." 

Welcome to the "Tyranny of the Cacaughany" 

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Sweep or Trap Game for The Cavs?

Absolutely everything is in the Cavs favor tonight in Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Semi-Finals.

The Cavs are up 3 - 0

No team has ever overcome a 3 - 0 playoff deficit.

The Raptors are in shambles.

The Raptors coach is rumored to be on the chopping block.

The Raptors best player was benched Friday night and was openly devastated after the game.

The Cavs are playing better than they've played all year.

Lebron is playing better than any time in his life.


This is just the kind of game the Cavaliers lose.

and just because no team has overcome a 3 - 0 deficit; it doesn't mean that no one ever will. In fact, it's almost certain that it will eventually happen. Hopefully, if it happens this year - it will be in the other Eastern Conference Playoff - which looks like it's all set to become a 3 - 1 series.

That being said...

Good luck and Go Cavs !

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