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The FBI will find NOTHING on Clinton Server

I find it increasingly frustrating that the coverage of the Clinton Email Scandal has been so shallow. The fundamental facts of the case are routinely ignored and replaced with the narrative of the day. Her emails were subpeoned by Congress searching for information on Benghazi. It was also widely rumored that her email may contain damaging correspondence confirming the suspicions raised in "Clinton Cash."

Clinton responded by refusing to turn over any email, (which originated on a private system in her home) but turned printed pages which she unilaterally determined to be complete. 

Now we've been told that "The FBI can recover deleted emails from her second server located in Colorado;" - and we're all supposed to be waiting breathlessly for the damning results.

There won't be any. That server is completely clean. Always has been. To conduct a search of the Platt River server (we'll call it Server-2); while ignoring that the original server data in New York has been totally destroyed is idiocy. There is no chance that anyone wanting to conceal data (and Clinton clearly was) would transfer any implicating data from Server-1 to Server-2. 

Let's look at it step by step. The first step is "The Set Up." This is where Hillary creates a domain and has it resolve to the IP address at her house. She has someone set up an email server. Recall, a "server" is nothing more than any typical computer running server software. It holds ALL of its data in a hard drive. Graphically it looks like this:

Next and most important, "The Switch." It's made of 3 distinct actions. First, Clinton vets all of the email on Server-1, edits, deletes, and modifies as she sees fit, then prints the data she wishes to be seen - and delivers it to the State Department. Next, she transfers the now vetted contents of Server-1 (in her home) via an internet connection to Server-2 in Colorado. The data on Server-2 will contain NONE of the relics of deleted data from Server-1. Lastly, the original disk drive in Server-1 is destroyed and replaced with a 2nd disk drive. (This is a trivial task - it takes about 10 minutes and a screwdriver is the only tool required.) Graphically it looks like this:

Now there are 2 servers, both completely clean of any data that Clinton didn't want to be seen. Clinton can now sit back and wait for the FBI to declare that the "evidence" recovered from "Server-2" contains nothing that wasn't originally submitted to the State Department. Now Hillary can begin Step 3 "The Con."  Hillary will once again boast of being exonerated of yet another Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Graphically:


So relax, the chances that the FBI finds anything incriminating on "Server-2" that they are now "searching" - are ZERO.