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Corona Virus - Democrat Dreams Come True

It was difficult to watch the Multi Network Covid Pity Party called something like "One World at Home Waiting to Die", but at least it illustrated clearly why Democrats LOVE this over hyped "Pandemic". 

It's a Perfect Storm of Democrat dreams.

The Party that thrives on exploiting perceived victimhood has created a world where EVERYONE is a victim. In the world of Covid all people are helpless. The people's only means of defense is to tie a flag of surrender and subservience around their face and wait in line six feet away from the closest human in hopes of scoring a roll of toilet paper. 

In the world of Covid only the The Government can protect you - and only your fellow citizens can hurt you - for the citizens are the toxic carriers of the dreaded Covid that has infected almost 3 hundredths of 1 percent of the world. You must avoid fellow citizens at all costs - and embrace government.  It's imperative that you never communicate with a real person who might agree that this is all bullshit. 

Above all, HEALTHCARE is now your Master. In fact, HEALTHCARE is the new highest law of the land. The Constitution, Congress, Executive, and Judiciary are all subservient to HEALTHCARE. For now, we must all listen to Bill Gates, and the WHO because they have rid the world of Malaria, oh - no, wait; they've spent 10 years and billions of dollars while having a very minimal effect on Malaria - (and lying about that too) but the knows what's best. (Of course Malaria, once prevalent in the US, has been eradicated here - but Gates and the WHO wouldn't consider employing the methods used here.) We must stay at home and wait for a VACCINE to save us - and of course - only Government can provide a VACCINE.

In the new Covid reality, there's no need to win elections, or even prevail in Judicial proceedings in order to implement policy preferences. The unilateral proclamation from the the HEALTHCARE branch of Government is all that's needed. 

Remember, You are a helpless victim, there's nothing you can do except hide;  People are Bad, contact with people will kill you; Government is Good, it's the only thing that can save you; and HEALTHCARE will provide you a VACCINE and eventually allow you to leave your house (or shelter since your house was long since foreclosed); and all will be well.

Until the next Virus - then we'll start it all over again.