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Yes, Trump did Suggest Internal Disinfectants to Combat Covid - 19

Yes, we believe President Trump did suggest that disinfectants be introduced inside the body to combat Covid-19 - and we believe we know the source of his information - and it's not as crazy as it sounds...

For some personal background, I've had an interest in health and nutrition for many years. Starting when I was 6 years old (long story) and continued through competitive power lifting and experimenting with diet and supplements to improve performance. For many years my passing interest in health and nutrition took a back seat to my interest in politics, public policy, and business; but never completely vanished. Then, about 3 years ago, I became aware of a group, or movement, that call themselves (I believe I can honestly say ourselves); Biohackers. Since that time, "Biohacker" podcasts and websites have become my most common outside listening and reading, surpassing politics, sports and business. I have to also add, that it's been WAY more beneficial! 

Biohackers are generally ridiculed by mainstream medicine, mainstream media, and conservative media alike. And to be sure, there are examples of some extreme nonsense within the boundaries of what could be called the "Biohacker Community."  However, if one were to review the work of prominent "Biohakers" such; Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Geoffrey Woo, David Sinclair, Dr. Paul Saladino, or Ivor Cummins; one would find that they're generally obsessed with research, data, and results. As a group, biohackers routinely discount current "standard of care" conventions; and seek genuine truth derived from an honest analysis of available data. During the past two months, a good deal of the attention of the "Biohacking Community" has been devoted to the study of the effects and possible treatments of Covid-19. 

Among the many podcasts and web posts dealing with Covid-19 risks, possible treatments, and strategies for reducing the likelihood of a poor outcome if infected; was Dave Asprey's interview from last Thursday 4/23/2020 with Dr. Frank Shallenberger.  Dr. Shallenberger is known for his pioneering in the area of "Ozone Therapy." Ozone Therapy is often dismissed by mainstream medical authorities. Dr. Shallenberger goes into great detail during the interview describing how he's routinely treated upper respiratory infections with hydrogen peroxide or ozone. And yes, hydrogen peroxide IS a common disinfectant, while ozone - may be a less common - it is definitely a disinfectant. During the interview, Shallenberger describes in great detail the exact concentrations and dilution solutions for directly inhaling hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer for effective treatment of flu, and felt confident that the treatments would be beneficial in treating Covid-19. At about the 43 minute mark in the podcast, Dr. Shallenberger mentions that he's made some efforts in working with the President's Covid team. An excerpt of the transcript is below. Clicking the image will take you to the podcast.


In light of Dr. Shallenberger describing contact with the President's Covid team to get "some information into that team" about hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy (both strong oxidative disinfectants), and the following day the President speak of looking into disinfectant possibilities - it seems entirely likely that the President's team might have briefed him on some of Dr. Shallenberger's treatment strategies. Of course, the President didn't have 50 minutes of podcast time to explain the details - but no one should be surprised if "Disinfectant Therapy" for Covid-19 becomes a "thing" in the future.

And no one should be surprised, if this supposed gaffe - wasn't just another way for Trump to troll the media - again.