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GOP Ignores it's Looming Extinction on Tax Deal

John Bhoener is about to compromise the GOP out of existence, and seems blissfully ignorant of the stakes with which he is gambling.  For some context, a brief review of how we got here...

In 2009, President Obama embarked on an ambitious goal of "fundamental transformation" of America. His only opposition was a Republican Party with minority status in both houses; and the need to pay some lip service to the Constitution. Despite suffering consecutive losses in both 06 and 08; the minority GOP showed remarkable conviction in their vigorous opposition to Obama's "stimulus," and "ObamaCare," yet due to lack of numbers - fell short in their opposition. The minority GOP invoked a full throated, impassioned support of conservatism and rebuke of liberal ideology. Conservatives found some reason for hope in the newly invigorated GOP.

The sudden re-awakening of the Congressional GOP inspired grass roots activism and re-kindled hope among conservative Americans that the Republican Party had "seen the light" and a return to Constitutionally limited Government was in sight.  The energized conservative base responded by providing the GOP with historic victories in the 2010 mid-term elections.  The GOP won historic majorities in Federal and State elections in all but the most liberal of States.

In the ensuing months, the now "majority GOP" House softly back-peddled on each of its bold goals. It made half hearted efforts to repeal ObamaCare, and it caved on every spending issue - from budget to debt ceiling.  The final cave came in the "fiscal cliff" agreement where a special committee was appointed to find spending cuts - or else we raise taxes and gut the military. Conservatives were routinely reminded that the House majority was "only 1/2 of 1/3 of Government," and that they had to avoid extreme actions that would incite public rebuke of Republicans - thereby decreasing the likelihood of winning the Presidency and the Senate. 

Well, that strategery failed miserably.  But - the success of the House Majority remains, and despite the lame attempts to describe it as 1/2 of 1/3 of Government - it is precisely that portion of the Federal Government that is Constitutionally empowered to control 100% of spending. The argument that the House Majority GOP can't obstruct or even flat out reverse the Obama agenda is factually false.

Unfortunately, House Republlcans seem to only be capable of voicing full throated, impassioned support of Conservatism if they are in the minority - and their glorious rhetoric is completely irrelevant.

Now, it seems that the GOP conservatism was a sham. The GOP preaches bold conservative values when it has no chance of legislative victory. When it has the votes to block the Obama agenda; the GOP is anxious to "compromise." Sorry, but compromise might have been a reasonable position in 09 when there was no ability to stop the Obama agenda. In 2012, entering the 3rd year of Republican majority House which has caved on every single issue - despite its majority status; compromise would yield the effective end of the GOP as we know it.

Conservatives flocked back to the GOP when they suffered legislative defeats but fought heroic battles. If the GOP will only fight when they have no chance of winning - Conservatives will abandon the GOP.

Compromise will usher in a 3rd party - and it will lose every election, but so what. If the GOP can't use its majority status to effectively block the destructive legislative agenda of the Democrats; the Republican victories are of NO value. The current House members became a majority with the express mandate to tame the growing Government Leviathan that threatens to consume all of civil society. Conservatives understand this is a fight we may lose, but it is a fight we must have. If those elected to fight the battle against Government tyranny refuse to fight - they'll be turned out of office; and principled conservatives will take their principle elsewhere.

Sadly, it now appears likely that the GOP will cave, and lose conservatives for ever - virtually ending the possibility of returning to a Constitutionally limited Government - until this system descends into collapse and chaos.