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The Knock Out Game - Missing the Real Danger

In recent weeks, there have been increased news coverage of what has been called, "The Knock Out Game". Oddly, the "news" coverage of this "Knock Out Game" is nearly as polarizing as the game itself.

In much of what we call "main stream" media; the Knock Out Game has been portrayed as an Urban Myth. The USA Today , Slate, and The Atlantic, have all published pure denial pieces challenging the idea that the Knock Out Game is a trend at all.

More commonly the main stream media have adopted the baffling logic that the Knock Out Game ISN'T a trend, and ISN'T particularly disturbing because its not new - it's simply been re-named. They point out that it's just another version of "wilding" from the 80's or "happy slapping" from the UK, or "flash mobs." as we're informed by NPR and numerous other media outlets. Even while attempting to denounce the Knock Out Game, Clarence Page mimics NPR's dismissive description of the Knock Out Game as - yesterday's news.

Then there is the "other" side.

Hannity, Breitbart, Drudge,  and numerous talk show hosts have repeatedly high lighted the Knock Out Game and also decried the media bias against reporting it. Many on the right have discussed what has become the defacto bible on the Knock Out Game - Colin Flaherty's "White Girl Bleed a Lot" 

There is a larger danger here being missed by both sides...

Perhaps unwittingly, both sides are behaving in a manner that promotes racial divisiveness.

The left leaning mainstream media; by tending to ignore or excuse these brazenly violent racially motivated attacks - they create resentment in white's. Simultaneously, promoting the concept that the Knock Out Game is a right wing media myth, and just another right wing tactic to vilify young blacks causes resentment and anger in many blacks. Also, by under reporting or denying that the Knock Out Game exists - the media deny the opportunity for other blacks to denounce it's practice.

The right wing media, including Flaherty and those promoting his book; have fallen into a trap of generalizing the criminal racist acts of numerous individuals; and present them in a manner that leads one to believe that such acts are widespread and common. Flaherty's work covers several years and spans the entire country. He accurately documents "Hundreds" of what appear to be racially motivated crimes by blacks committed against non-blacks.

While Flahrety's work appears documented and accurate and may be sincere attempt to correct for media bias in under reporting such incidents - it can become equally divisive when one ignores the breadth of the context of his work. 

We must remember these crimes were all committed by INDIVIDUALS. All of these INDIVIDUALS deserve to be apprehended and punished - as INDIVIDUALS who committed crimes. Assigning the actions or words of an INDIVIDUAL to an entire group is common leftist tactic. Like taking the stupid comments of someone like Todd Akin, or Jim Wheeler, and attempting to assign them to an entire party - despite the party unanimously denouncing their words.

It is vital that we remind ourselves that in any objective reality, White People in general have nothing to fear from Black People - in general. To attempt to generalize this evil behavior as somehow "typical" or "widespread" is just incorrect.

Every day in America, more than 40 million black people cross paths with about 300 million "non-black" people without the slightest inclination of ill will or violence.

Obviously, the reciprocal of the above is also true.

Divisiveness is the tool of the tyrant

When Governments seek increased control over the population, they often promote the fear of one group against the other. This is the real danger of the Knock Out Game and it's current reporting in the media. When people fear each other - they turn to Government for protection, and in doing so, will often sacrifice their own liberties as well as insist that the liberties of others be infringed upon - for their own security.

Instances of irrational violence must be reported objectively.

In doing so, let's also widely report those that denounce it for the evil that it is. Thank you Al Sharpton and Mike Tyson.

We must ALWAYS remember that INDIVIDUALS commit crimes - not RACES.  

We must not allow media bias - on either side; to convince us that our fellow citizen is our enemy.

This is how people end up in ovens.

Which brings us to the image at the top of the page. It's Miri Bin-Ari.

Bin-Ari is an uber-talented musician, and founder of Gendenk. She's also recently condemned the Knock Out Game. "Gendenk" means "Remember" - and her organization is devoted to remembering the holocaust and how a civilized society was manipulated by fear into believing the mass murder of Jews was acceptable.

I implore my fellow Americans, of all races and creeds, to reject racial divisivness and "Remember" (Gendenk) what can happen when we allow media and government to divide us against each other.