Ax D WhiteMan Show - Site Hacked by Russians

Yeah, it sound crazy, but 2 days ago I became aware of that all of the sites that I host on my account had been compromised and were being redirected to various sites ending in .ru.  Our hosting company offered no help, and we are aware that such redirect attacks eventually are used to install malware on unsuspecting visitors to our site.  Further, we're aware that such sites are eventually blacklisted and quarantined.


I embarked on a three day battle with an elusive piece of malicious code.  I eventually isolated it to be in the Ax D WhiteMan domain (undoubtedly planted by some leftist freak) but was unable to find the exact location.  I eventually broke the site beyond repair, and decided to simply delete the entire domain to make sure the infecting code was destroyed.

I had backed up the database, but only the text of over 100 articles written over the past three years.  The images and the site template were destroyed, and while I've got most of the images also stored locally, I was unable to reproduce the template in the now deprecated CMS that I built the Ax site in.

So, over the coming weeks, we'll be rebuilding the Ax D WhiteMan site in Joomla 2.5 - in the mean time, here's the text from our most recent post.... ax

Rush is wrong romney wins regardless of who stays or quits

{sharethis} Today Rush made one of his rare erroneous statements. We''d like to take the opportunity to point out his mistaken comment. Rush told a caller that Romney could only win the nomination prior to the Convention - IF either Santorum or Gingrich dropped out.

This is simply incorrect.

Mitt Romney has currently won 55% of the Delegates. If he continues to win the remaining proportional allocation states at 55% (a very modest assumption given the allocation rules) and wins the "winner take all" states in which he is currently well ahead in the poles, Romney will sew up the nomination after the California primary. Graphically, it looks like this:

Sorry folks, this is the math that has been obvious for months. Yes, we''re aware that it''s likely that Santorum could win some of the States we''ve allocated to Romney at 55% - but it''s highly unlikely that the overall percentage will change more than a point or two. The huge advantage that Romney has in the current delegate count, coupled with the overwhelming advantage he has in the remaining "winner take all" states - make Romney''s nomination a virtual certainty.

UPDATE: 3/30/2012

OK, to quiet down some of the email flames who seem to not understand basic arithmetic; lets look at this from another light. Our projection assumes that Romney wins the shown "winner take all" states. Our projection is based on the fact that he has double digit leads in all of them, and they all fit the state profile in which Romney has done well. So, lets just see what the minimum proportional distribution Romney needs to avoid a floor fight in Tampa.

It''s a shockingly low 26.2%. Here it is graphically:

So, there it is. Not only does Romney not need someone to drop out, he only needs to get 26.2% of the outstanding proportionally distributed delegates, and win the seven states that are already polling strongly in his favor.


Sorry Rush, we''ve got to send this to the Sullivan Group.