Boehner to Hillary: "Release your File Cabinet!"

So now John Boehner wants HIllary to "Release the Server".

Every time I believe I comprehend how hapless the GOP leadership is; they go a step farther and prove to be more incompetent than I believed. 

This is as stupid as demanding that someone turn over a file cabinet that has been in their sole control for years, in hopes that the owner of the file cabinet never thought of removing incriminating files.

HIllary had complete administrative and physical control over the server. Any fool could delete what they want, keep what they want; then back up the kept files to another drive, melt the original drive, restore the backed up files to a new drive, then melt the backup drive.

In other words, an empty, or at least perfectly clean "file cabinet."

There is NO CHANCE that the drive that currently sits in that server is the original drive. Boehner is doing nothing but offering a life line. If Hillary eventually "turns over" the server; nothing will be found; and she and her cohorts will crow about another "vast right wing conspiracy."

If anyone was serious about this, and I don't believe anyone is, they would begin by...

-demanding she release "Email." That is, "Electronic Mail" in the form it was created. Hillary did not release "Email," she released printed versions of what she alleges are true and accurate printed text of what was in the original "Email."  Anyone with a text editor can open an "Email" file and edit or delete the text. The printed versions contain no evidence of such editing. Also, "Email" is often more than text. Various links, attached images, audio, and video files CANNOT be accurately conveyed in a printed version of an "Email."

-then, with a list of email addresses with whom she corresponded, demand (by subpoena if need be) the email records of those people. It would likely demonstrate almost instantly that Hillary's email evidence is both lacking in completeness and accuracy. Of course this could be done, in part with the "paper versions," - if the email addresses are accurately portrayed, but demanding the electronic versions will require Hillary to admit that after printing - she also "deleted all the other emails too."

In truth, we know NOTHING of Hillary's email. We don't know if she sent 30,000 or 30 emails. We don't know if she deleted 300,000 or 3 emails. We only know what she's told us.

We also know that she conducted all of her electronic correspondence through a private domain and locally run mail server - and we're to believe that none of the thousands of recipients, cc's, or forwarded recipients of Hillary's email ever thought it odd that her email address was not ".gov" - but "".

Yes, we have a Government capable of surveilling every text, call, and email sent by it's citizens, but when it comes to it's own cabinet heads - the Government becomes Helen Keller.