More Nonesense From the Media

When it comes to dealing with Democrat politics, I find the lack of intelligent reasoning in the major media to be insulting. Of course, the way much of the so called conservative media deals with Democrats is just as insulting.

For a couple of days now, many media outlets have been pouring over the printed hard copy of edited and redacted email text from the private email server of Hillary Clinton, and reporting on inane subject matter that has no bearing on anything.

For the umpteenth time....

Hillary Clinton released NO EMAILS.

She released printed hard copy of what she alleges was generated by printing the text of the subject, and body of portion of an electronic mail transmission. Of course it lacks any evidence of linked text, any attachments, and could have been easily edited prior to printing. Obviously the printed copy conceals evidence of editing.

And we're to believe that the person who...

-purchased the domain "",

-pointed the primary dns to the dedicated IP address assigned to her residence, 

-connected that IP address to a stand alone mail server in her residence,

-kept all of her correspondence outside of required government backup servers,

-and then physically destroyed the hard drive on which all of the actual emails were stored,

...has turned over ALL the printed records that might contain ALL potentially incriminating evidence.

If Clinton were a suspect in a murder I guess the police would show up at her house with a search warrant looking for a murder weapon - and Clinton deny them access to the house, but bring out three boxes in which she claimed have "anything to do with the murder," claim she was COMPLETELY cooperating with the investigation, and DEMAND the investigation proceed as quickly as possible. The police would thank her profusely and the media would marvel at her "transparency."  Of course she'd throw a couple of interesting things into the box just to make it worth looking into.

Then the Major media would breathlessly await the results of the forensic tests and widely proclaim her innocence when the results made available. Then the so called conservative media would try to highlight all the mildly unflattering details revealed in the "investigation," and everyone will ignore that they allowed her to direct the investigation to only what she wanted to be seen.   

Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if Tom Brady had sent a couple of boxes of printed pages to the NFL and proclaimed, "I've released ALL of the text and email from my phone." My guess is that the media would condemn such a thing as laughable.

Which is exactly what this "Cllinton Email Investigation" is.