Is Brady The NFL's Racism Inoculation?

The NFL issued a disciplinary action against Tom Brady calling for his suspension for four games. This isn't terribly unusual, the NFL has issued 10 such suspensions in August of 2015 alone. Many, including this obscure blogger; have wondered - "Why does the NFL seem obsessed with suspending Tom Brady?" After all, he is a marquee player, and has no history of wrong doing - on or off the field.

Yesterday, I had a random thought, and did a little investigation of recent disciplinary actions in the NFL. Seems like the recipients of disciplinary suspensions in the NFL aren't exactly a "cross section of America" - or even the NFL.


Is it possible that the NFL's aggressive prosecution of Brady's suspension and their apparent obsession with not only discipline but public humiliation - is a conscious effort to divert public attention from the fact that the NFL disciplines blacks at a far higher rate than whites?

Unfortunately, in the atmosphere created by a President that declares our entire country guilty of having racism in our DNA - it's definitely a possibility that Brady's race is making him a target of NFL. The race grievance industry has made a living off of "outcome based evidence." That is, they contend that any outcome that results in one race being disproportionately effected is prima-facia evidence of racism. They've used "outcome based evidence" to change law and public policy on loan approvals, hiring, and now of course - police shootings. Even though police shootings aren't disproportionate - just the media hype that are - seems enough to evoke the wrath of the outcome based evidence Nazi's.

Given that climate and the NFL's other obsession to be on the cutting edge of political correctness it seems entirely possible that the NFL is seeking inoculation from being accused of racism in its disciplinary action.  

I hope it's not so. But I can't help but think that it is.

Maybe if Brady puts on a dress, makeup, and declares he's a woman - he'll get on the right side of the NFL's quest for social justice.