Trump vs. Kahn et al - method or madness

For the past several days, Donald Trump has been excoriated from all sides for his willingness to engage in verbal fisticuffs with Kazir Kahn, Paul Ryan, and John McCain. The the case of the latter two, Trump has only withheld his endorsement of them.

Despite almost universal disagreement. I don't think Trump is wrong in any of these cases. 

The Ryan / McCain case is easy. These are people running in a GOP PRIMARY! It's hardly uncommon to not endorse during a party primary. Both Ryan and McCain emphatically campaigned AGAINST Trump in the GOP primary - and then both even waffled on endorsing him against HILLARY. To say it's controversial for Trump to not endorse these two in a GOP primary is absurd.

In the case of Kahn it's a bit trickier. The point here is that Democrats, have for years, used people with various human shields to attack Republicans. In turn, Republicans have always caved and cowered as the likes of Cindy Shehan, Kazir Kahn, have railed mercilessly against Republicans. These people have NEVER paid a price for their disgusting political profiteering.

Trump has decided to hit back. It's a street mentality. He's not fighting this fight - he's fighting the next one. Kahn may get the best of Trump on the score card of the media judges, but he will pay a price. Kahn's business as an immigration peddler has suffered. He's had to take down his web site. His wife's non-burka picture with Barack Obama is all over the internet. His political gaming of his sons death has been exposed, and it's likely that his life as changed for the worse since trying to take out Trump.

Trump is letting it be known, he's willing to suffer some short term loss to make some one pay for attacking him.  In truth, the low information voters - who will decide this election, still haven't heard of Kazir Kahn; and this spat will not effect the election outcome.

Trump doesn't need an intervention from the GOP advisers - but perhaps the GOP could learn something from Trump.