What does Assange have on Hillary?

Wiki-leaks founder Julianne Assange has hinted that he has damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton. I've a hunch that what it might be. I believe Assange has evidence that Hillary tampered and altered the "email" evidence that she turned into the State Department.

Yes. She edited her email files, turned them into .pdf files, printed the edited files, destroyed the digital back-up, then turned in the printed paper as "email" - and it's all a big fat lie.

-and Assange can prove it - beyond all reasonable doubt. 


Assange received copies of most of the Clinton emails from the State Department through a FOIA request. He then scanned them and placed them all in a publicly searchable database. Assange next published the hacked emails of the DNC in a seperate publicly searchable database.  In both of these searchable database examples, one can view both the "rendered email" (as it may appear in an email client); or the email source. In the case of the DNC hack, the email source is a text based .eml file - a typical email type of file. In the Hillary database, however, the source is only the scanned .pdf file - because there IS no original source.


It had been hacked prior to Hillary deleting it - and Assange has it.

If Assange has the original source email, and can show it's been altered from what Clinton submitted as "her email," it would be devastating.

Not sure this is what Assange has, but why would anyone go to the extent that Hillary did to destroy all digital verification of her alleged printed email - if she didn't alter them.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see.