Tonights Debate Results - in Advance

Despite all the hype, the results of tonights debate are predictable.

Ok, that is, barring the possibility that Hillary collapses in a crumpled heap after a five minute episode of coughing and twitching; or Trump begins frothing at the mouth screaming insults at Hillary. Truth is, neither of those is likely to happen.

This is what will happen...

-Trump and Hillary will both have reasonably good, and reasonably bad moments.

-Talking heads will all agree Trump performed poorly and definitely "didn't help" his chances, while explaining that many of the undecideds will be clearly looking again at Hillary.

-Social media will be flooded with trash talk from both sides.

-On line polling will favor Trump by at least 10%

-Trump will go on the next day, campaigning at a furious pace; Hillary will go back into hiding.

Trumps poll numbers will continue to nudge upward., the polls will be calling the race "too close to call" right up to election day.