No, JONATHAN V. LAST - The Election is NOT over

John Last picSo, another psuedo-intellectual self aggrandizing Weekly Standard writer with an illusion of omniscience; has gazed into the future and awarded us with the knowledge that "The Race is Over."

Its particularly irritating to simultaneously observe a coordinated Media/DEM/GOP attack on a candidate, and then read someone who knows nothing, don a sage persona and pretend to KNOW the outcome of an event yet to come.

This is no different than "expert sages" predicting:

-It was "Over" when OKC went up on GSW 3-1 in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

-It was "Over" when GSW went up 3-1 in the NBA Finals.

Obviously the Western Conference Champion GSW, and the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers didn't pay any attention.

The point is, neither of these "experts" knows anything about what is going to happen, but are simply making a statement based on a logical probability with which the current odds are strongly in their favor.

Yes, it's likely that the combined efforts of the GOP elite, Democrat Party, and media, will be successful in derailing the Trump campaign. 

Yet, an honest assessment of the state of the campaign shows Trump within 6% points or less in both nationally and in every swing state needed to prevail. Based on Rasmussen poll this morning and two straight days of a tie in the LA Times tracking poll; it's reasonable to believe the polling impact of the TrumpTapes may have bottomed out. The polls are likely to tighten once again prior to election day, and we'll all be wondering what will happen until the polls close and the results are in.

With 26 days remaining, and a fickle public that has proven to change it's mind based on the craziest things, to write that one KNOWS the outcome of this election is an insult to anyone with enough intelligence to be able to read it.

Or, you could just ask the Golden State Warriors how they're enjoying their second consecutive NBA finals victory.