The Early Latino Vote - Suppression Strategy

The media has begun repeating an alleged micro fact that a "surge in early voting Latinos"  spells doom for Trump.

This is highly likely to be overly hyped insignificance. It actually sounds a lot like GOP promoting analysts of 2012 supposedly "unskewing" polling data.

The fact is that 100% of this information is provided by a single source. Catalist, an organization by it's own description dedicated "exclusively to progressive organizations." This is a data mining firm that is largely contending that it has mined significant data from results that have yet to be released.

Even if one believes that they have unpublished sources to early voting data and the Latino vote now makes up 15% of the early vote instead of 10% of the early vote as in 2012; it's statistically ignorant to believe that signifies some level of direct ratcheting of Latino voting. This "surge" could be the result of an effective early voting strategy, and it is only a guess as to whether or not these are voters that would have normally voted on election day. 

I guess it's no surprise that this alleged micro granule of fact has echoed throughout the major media news as if to proclaim to Trump voters - never mind, the votes are in - you lose.  Let's try to keep this in perspective. It's likely not true, if it is true, its not likely to be significant, if it is significant, it would only be decisive in a very close election.

So, if you're a Trump supporter it's more important than ever, that you vote.