Trumps Tax "Strategery"

Donald Trump and the GOP seem to be united in an effort to significantly revise the U.S. Tax code.

On balance the plan seems positive; but includes a "super bracket" that would raise taxes on the highest income earners in the country.

This "super bracket" tax increase has left many baffled. Even Rush Limbaugh (who often finds himself explaining Trumpisms to conservatives) has been left head scratching by this aspect of the plan.

As usual, Trump's "strategery" is a key to getting the plan passed.

The left opposes ANY tax cut by labeling it "Tax Cuts for the Rich" - What better way to immunize the plan from these bogus attacks than to add a "tax increase for the richest."

But it's not Conservative to play class warfare!

True. But that's the war we're in. Republicans repeatedly get their asses handed to them by not having a response for a bogus class warfare attack. Now they do. Also consider that the bracket will likely be positioned so high that it effects almost no one. It could be as high as those making more than $2M / yr - or even higher.

Almost everyone that "works" for their $2M / year don't earn it as regular income. Most ihat earn at that level are earning some combination of dividends, capital gains, stock options etc.

In truth the only people that make "Regular Income" in excess of $2M / year are athletes and entertainers. That is, those that are often the loudest critics of Trump. Once again, Trump can dismiss their attacks by saying, "see, Hollywood wants high taxes for others - but don't like it when they get their taxes raised."

Once again, advantage Trump.