Sweep or Trap Game for The Cavs?

Absolutely everything is in the Cavs favor tonight in Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Semi-Finals.

The Cavs are up 3 - 0

No team has ever overcome a 3 - 0 playoff deficit.

The Raptors are in shambles.

The Raptors coach is rumored to be on the chopping block.

The Raptors best player was benched Friday night and was openly devastated after the game.

The Cavs are playing better than they've played all year.

Lebron is playing better than any time in his life.


This is just the kind of game the Cavaliers lose.

and just because no team has overcome a 3 - 0 deficit; it doesn't mean that no one ever will. In fact, it's almost certain that it will eventually happen. Hopefully, if it happens this year - it will be in the other Eastern Conference Playoff - which looks like it's all set to become a 3 - 1 series.

That being said...

Good luck and Go Cavs !