What's to become of Deshaun Watson???

I've been a Browns fan for decades. Grew up in Cleveland, but have lived in Austin for 30+ years. There's lots of layers to this story, but for now, I"m only focusing on the pending "sexual misconduct" allegations.  I hated the way the Browns ran off Mayfield in favor of Watson, and am currently rooting for the Browns to lose every game this year.


This morning I was forwarded yet another article decrying Watson's atrocious actions and describing how fans booed him on his first appearance in Cleveland, and yelled insults about him being a pervert and predator.  While I'm still hating on the Browns, I've got to admit I"m starting to feel a bit of sympathy for Watson.

First, let's dispel the idea that Watson "couldn't get laid" so he preyed on massage therapists. This is the kind of caricature created by comparisons to well known predators like Harvey Weinstein, an obese, unnattractive, yet powerful person who could have enormouse influence on the career of an actress. Or by likening him to middle aged rich and powerful jetting around with Jeffrey Epstein, or even middle aged low life guys perving out at massage parlors. Watson's situation is nothing like any of those. 

Watson is a single, young, attractive, wealthy, famous, world class athlete. He turns down more "offers" in a day than most of us get in a lifetime

He turns down these "offers," for various reasons; not the least of which is that NFL players are made well aware that in today's environment, what would be a casual "hook up" for most, could result in a civil, or criminal claim being levied. Such claims range from rape allegations, palimony claims, or any variety of extortion. 

So what's a young, single, wealthy, famous, attractive, world class athlete to do?

Ok, - get married, have monogamous sex. Sure that works. But is this what we're really expecting?

So then, Watson calls a young attractive "therapist" to come to his house, (or he goes to her place) where she rubs oils and lotions over his naked body for 45 - 60 minutes. Maybe I'm mistaken, but somehow I'm thinking that it's probably not the first time that after 40 minutes or so of rubbing on a man's naked body that the "client" suggested a little "extra" service. Seems like therapists of this nature would be aware that some unenlightened males might get the "wrong idea" after 30 or 40 minutes of rubbing every square in of their naked body.

So it seems Watson's sexual advances have resulted in him being charged under NFL rules as comitting "sexual misconduct." Not rape, not assault. Misconduct.  Several of the women have given details about rather lewd behavior. The worst two seem to be two women the claim "HE orally penetrated THEM without their consent." Let's break that down a bit. It would seem the THEY (the "therapists") were innocently massaging Watsons naked body, and their naked vagina's just happened to somehow end up within "oral penetrating distance" of Watson's face - BUT they never TOLD him he was free to do anything with it - and oh my God, Watson "orally penetrated" them!   I guess this is what the NFL calls "sexual misconduct." So I guess Watson's guilty. 

It seems as though we're living in an environment where we're told that almost any sexual deviation is accepted or else we're exclusionary bigots. Yes, if you're a guy and you want to dress in drag and talk dirty to 9 year olds - it's a thing to be celebrated. If you're a "non-binary, pan-sexual" who is simultaneously "married" to 3 different people, a housepet, and a kitchen appliance - your values are NOT to be questioned.  If you're a gay guy and you want to go to the "bathhouse" and exchange body fluids and Monkey Pox with dozens of guys a night - that's your right! 

But if your single, wealthy, heterosexual male, and you get a little freaky with the naked woman massaging you in your house - this can't be tolerated. For this behavior, you must pay with your money, and your career.