SCOTUS, Trayvon, validate Snowden decision

Yes, these three seemingly unrelated events share a common thread. That is the fundamental breakdown of our legal institutions.  The rule of law has been brazenly abandoned, and replaced with rule by aggravated public opinion.


Those citizens of California who sought to protect the 5,000+ year old, undisputed definition of marriage; used every conceivable legal step to codify this obvious truth. After spending millions in campaigns and legal challenges, SCOTUS dismissed them as being "without standing." In addition, the majority opinion responded directly to those who continually incite and "aggravate" public opinion by branding all those who disagree with the majority has having no basis other than bigotry.

George Zimmerman, by all accounts (even the prosecutions witnesses) fired a fatal shot at Trayvon Martin while being physically battered by Martin. This act is within the right of self-defense in EVERY jurisdiction in this country. The original investigation by local authorities confirmed Zimmerman's story and did not charge him. Enter the "aggravators of public opinion" who clearly altered images, recordings, and lied to whip the low information masses into a frenzy over a perceived injustice.

Zimmerman may be found "not guilty." His life is none the less diminished as he will live in hiding for decades.

Those who legally amended the California State Constitution were found to be "without standing" and ultimately defeated.

Still, there are those that believe that Eric Snowden had some other recourse than flight after  blowing the whistle on a massive public eavesdropping operation.

Snowden is neither hero or Patriot. He's simply an informant. He informed the public of Governmental intrusions into privacy that are repugnant to all but the most dim witted among us.  Many have said that Snowden should submit to the "rule of law" and accept the consequences of his behaviour. The events of the past week demonstrate irrefutably that the "rule of law" in America is dead. His flight was the only possibility of preserving his life and some degree of liberty.

We can thank SCOTUS and the Zimmerman prosecution for making that clear.