The Purpose of the Establishment GOP - 2016

So, in return for caving on the Cruz lead ObamaCare shut-down, the debt ceiling, and every other attempt to curb the excesses of Government; be they NSA spying, IRS harassment, EPA land grabs, or Executive lawlessness - The Republicans get what?

The Era of Austerity - is over !

Yep, you heard it right. The overspending, budget busting, deficit soaring to heights heretofore unimaginable Obama Administration - has just proclaimed - "We're done with penny pinching."

This compels one to ask,

"What purpose is served by Republican control of the House of Representatives -which has Constitutional authority to control spending?"

I've honestly racked brains on this. It's become painful to recall the enthusiasm of 2010 when we all thought we were ONE Senate seat and a handful of House Seats away from repealing ObamaCare, Balancing the Budget, and stopping the Obama agenda cold.

Yes, remember that loud, proud, vocal bunch of small Government advocates? 

I remember them, and wonder what they've become. At last, I believe I've found a way to describe the role and function for which the current GOP sees itself. It something like the role of Vaseline. It seems that is the battle cry the GOP wants to carry into the 2016 mid-terms.You Know the Government will ream your ass - just think how bad it would hurt without enough of "US" around - GOP 2016 "The Vaseline Party"

So, for those of you in the Ann Coulter, Thomas Sowell, camp who wonder why we cheer for Cruz, Paul & Lee and support;  Bevin, McDaniel, Stovall, and Pierson over McConnell, Cochran, Cornyn, and Sessions - The answer is fairly simple.

We're tired of getting screwed, and being told to be grateful to the GOP for making it less painful.