Low Expectations for Benghazi Select Committee

I'd like to be enthused at the prospect of the brilliant pit bull prosecutor Trey Gowdy conducting an aggressive in-depth investigation into Benghazi and its related lies and cover ups.

But I just can't.

It seems this is just another in a long series of GOP Kubuki theatre events.

Remember Boehner explaining how he was against the "shut down" before he was for it?

Seems like much more of the same. Boehner buckled to political pressure to finally call for a select committee - and now will make sure that it doesn't have any real impact.

Boehner has already lectured us on not "Politicizing" the committee. This, while Democrats are lining up at every available mic to "politicize" this as a brazen, meaningless, partisan witch hunt.

Then there's the actual bill, H. RES. 36 which seems to go out of it's way to avoid investigating the "cover up" and rather focuses on finding "what went wrong" and how to "avoid future attacks." 

Only item 7 of the H.RES. 36 even remotely refers to the lies and obfuscation that have surrounded Benghazi since it occurred.:

(7) any other relevant issues relating to the attack or the response to the attack.

Combine the above with the typically ridiculous time limits on questioning, the stone-walling, the Democrat speech making, and it's easy to see this committee becoming a future talking point of the Hillary campaign "proving" there is no scandal.

I hope I'm wrong, but this is really looking more like a typical "white wash" committee to get this off the table as soon as possible - clearing the way for Hillary 2016