ObamaCare subsidy ruling - Dangerous for GOP

Many are heralding the DC circuit court ruling that eliminates subsidies from the ObamaCare policies issued via the Federal Exchange as a crippling blow to the law. Possibly fatal.

They are wrong. It's neither crippling or fatal. In reality it's a Democrat issue "Made to Order."


If the ruling is upheld, it will be almost instantly "corrected" with Senate drafted legislation that reverses the original wording. There is absolutely nothing even remotely underhanded about this tactic. The fact that it hasn't already been done is evidence that it's being held for its greatest campaign impact.

Once the corrective legislation is authored, Harry Reid will waive it about the Senate floor every day demanding Republicans "re-instate the health care of millions of Americans."

After a brief make believe battle - the Senate will cave - they always do.

Then it will go to the House. GOP Congressmen will tear each other to pieces arguing over this.  The media will hammer the airwaves with story after story of sobbing people showing their cancelled healthcare - all because the GOP won't pass the bill. This could make the shut down hysteria look like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Boehner will eventually cave and bring it to a vote. All the Dems will vote for it, enough GOP will vote for it to pass. The subsidies will remain, and the GOP will be in shambles as this issue causes the current fissures in the  GOP to become a full blown war.

You can bet that there are a bunch of elected GOP that are secretly praying the DC Circuit "En Banc" hearing quashes  this issue and it goes away - fast.