Perry Sends Texas Guard to the Border - Yippee!

Amid much media hoopla, in a strategically planned announcement; Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaimed he was "taking action" to address the current crisis at the U.S. border - by sending 1,000 Texas Guardsmen to the border.


So, what will these guard be doing?

Stopping people crossing the border and preventing them from ever entering the U.S.? 

-er well, uh no. they won't be doing that.

Quickly apprehending them and sending them back across the border?

-a, well no, they won't be doing that either.

They'll be grabbing up those darned illegals and turning them in to Federal Authorities, where they'll be handled EXACTLY as they were yesterday, and the day before. 

So will this do any good?

Sure, it will get Rick Perry a lot of attention, a good deal of campaign contributions, and push him toward the front of the early running for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination.