There will be No Ebola Travel Ban - and Why

There will be no Ebola travel ban. 

Grudgingly, we must admit there may be some logic to what appears to be madness. The irony lies in that this administration is absolutely incapable of speaking truthfully on this matter.

The major conflict with an Ebola travel ban is that it would push those who sought entry into the U.S. into the already profitable and booming business of illegal passage into the U.S. The current policy of border enforcement results in dozens of illegal entrants being detained and housed in close quarters, in over-crowded holding areas. Likewise, these illegal entrants often travel in tightly confined spaces in overcrowded train cars, trucks, and cars. 

If the Ebola virus were introduced into the current illegal entrant holding or trafficking environments, the resulting rate of infection could grow exponentially.

While the idea of allowing desperate Liberians access to U.S. medical services via the airways seems intuitively absurd, it at least provides some ability to identify, track, and control the people who enter the U.S. from Ebola affected regions of the world. In the event that these people are forced into the "illegal entry pipeline" that exists along our southern border; we lose all remaining ability to identify and track potential risks.

Ironically, the reason that a travel ban is ill advised; is that our border policy has been deplorable.

In other words, "We can't lock the front door - because we no longer have a back door."

and ...

"We are way more vulnerable if Ebola comes in the back door."

Of course, to admit this unfortunate reality would be an admission that the current "open border" policy, and the push for even more open border legislation; are flawed at their core - and that's not going to happen. 


Don't expect a travel ban, and don't expect a real explanation.