Theatres Fear Litigation - Not NorK Terrorists

Every major Movie Exhibitor in the country has stated they won't show the movie, "The Interview" after threats of reprisal were made public by pro North Korean goons. Subsequently, Sony said they were going to "pull" the release. No big deal there - no one was going to show it.

Much has been made about how Sony and the U.S. Theatre Industry bowed to the terrorists and allowed them to dictate policy. (Minor disclaimer - in my "other life" I am a contractor who has done business with 3 of the major chains)

What most have failed to realize; is that the Theatre Industry doesn't really fear the possibility of an isolated attack. Such an attack would be a remote possibility, and the ability to inflict real damage would likely be small in terms of both life and property loss.

The real issue is the potential tort liability. Should such an event occur, even on a minor scale; the ensuing parade of ambulance chasing lawyers pursuing "justice" for any injuries incurred due to the "brazen negligence" of the Theatre for not providing adequate security after a "known threat" was ignored - could threaten to take down an entire Theatre Corporation. It's likely that insurers would deny coverage for an act of "war", and courts and politicians may even pile on - somewhat like they did during the gulf oil leak - when all legal limits of liability were discarded.

Before we accuse the Theatres of allowing the Norks to bully them; consider the liability issue.

Also consider what you haven't heard...

That is any Federal, State or Local Government saying they would "indemnify, save, and hold harmless" all Theatres from tort liability arising from showing "The Interview."

Final advice to Sony...

Fight the Hack with a reciprocal "Hack". Release the movie to public domain. Make it available for free download and torrent sites. Heck even throw in a couple of trailers for up coming movies. It would then be seen by 100's rather than 10's of millions.

Just my two cents...