Understanding Romney as Secretary of State

Many are perplexed by Trump's consideration of Mitt Romney to head the State Department. While I'm not convinced that Mitt Romney would be the best choice to be SOS, I believe there exist some pragmatic reasons for the consideration.

The State Department exists as an organizational labyrinth that reeks of dysfunction. This is the department of Government that is simultaneously in charge of issuing passports, and directing "Global Womens issues." The organizational diagram of the State Department reads like a checklist of politically correct buzzwords. The State Department even seems to delight in it's own bureaucratic complexity by making public its organizational flow chart.

Somewhere in the above mess is the department that issues passports, (the only real contact most Americans have with the Department of State) but it seems to be lost somewhere between the Offices of Global Womens issues, or Energy Resources.

Romney, for all his faults, has a unique talent for recognizing structural organizational failures, and rebuilding them into functional entities. Yet, one must realize that the size and dysfunction of the State Department makes the 02 Winter Olympics Organization look like a cub scout meeting. It will take a Hurculean effort by Romney, Trump, and the rest of the administration to convert the U.S. Department of State into an organization that's promotes America's interests abroad - instead of promoting a laundry list of politically correct liberal issues.

Put another way, in considering Romney; Trump is likely thinking that the "Ship of State" is in less need of a "captain/pilot" - and more in need of an "engineer/designer" - to rebuild it before it once again "sets sail" onto the high seas of international diplomatic endeavors.

If that's the goal, Romney is as good a choice I can think of for Secretary of State.