Does the Left Understand "The Electors" ?

The current frenzy to "influence the electors" seems detached from reality. The left seems to be assuming the "Electoral College" is some sort of institutional body that sits around for four years doing nothing, and then wakes up one day and tries to decide who should be President.

It's crazy. Electors are chosen in varying methods from State to State, but...

All are chosen through the Party apparatus, and all are among the most rabid supporters of their Party nominee. In many States, the people actually vote for a "Slate of Electors" that was chosen by the nominee himself. For one to be elevated to the Party status of "Elector" one must rise to the top of the Party of Candidates inner circle of the most loyal and trusted people on Earth.

With a few exceptions, GOP electors are "Sean Hannity" type Trump supporters, and Democrat electors are "James Carville" type Hilary supporters. 

When discussing the possibility of "faithless electors" one must understand they are discussing the likelihood of James Carville deciding to vote for Trump over Hillary x 38.

In other words...

Not. Gonna. Happen.