Mediocre Negroes?

I found Marc Lamont Hill's comment that Donald Trump is using

"a bunch of mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op"

to be particularly disturbing.

That same evening, perhaps coincidentally, I watched the movie "42" - the story of Jackie Robinson.

It struck me that the people spewing hateful rhetoric at Jackie Robinson were likely mostly Democrats; and that there was very little difference between the Democrat hate filled tactics of the 40's and the Democrat hate filled tactics of  2017. They have no factual argument, they rely totally on lies, threats, and intimidation. In the 40's their target was Robinson, and all the Blacks that aligned themselves with him - today it's Trump and any American who considers Trump to be a legitimate President.

Some of the most distinguished Americans alive today (some of whom are Black) have expressed interest in working with Donald Trump to improve America. For simply suggesting the possibility of working with Trump - the left can only offer insults and intimidation.

They were wrong about Robinson, and they're wrong about Trump. Maybe someday they'll learn, but I'm not holding my breath.