Tweet On @realDonaldTrump !

The Democrats are in pure panic mode over the "Tweets" of President Elect, Donald J. Trump. Even many on the right have advised that Trump "must stop his twitter behavior."

Borrowing from @realDonaldTrump style, we say,

"Democrats want Trump to stop tweeting - NO WAY! Our movement goes direct to the people!"

Trump has used his twitter feed to successfully defend numerous attacks. 

Remember Alicia Machado?

She was the subject of a planned Democrat attack that was launched during the first Presidential debate. I'm convinced that the intent of the Democrat/Media machine was to run that story wall to wall right up to the next debate. Similar how the Washington post / New York Times beat the drum of George Allen's racism for days on end citing his use of the word "Machacha."

But it didn't work - Because Trump and a late night tweet storm blew it up in a single day.

After a barrage of late night tweets that were semi-offensive - but truthful; Machado caved. She wanted no more of what was coming her way and publicly cried "no mas."

Of course there were critics, even on the right - who said this was not wise - and he should "let it go - and it will disappear on its own."

How stupid is that? When did that ever happen? Ask George Allen. Ask George Bush.

When Trump turned his twitter scorn on Chuck Jones, the Union Boss that called Trumps Carrier Jobs deal "a lie" - Jones ran for the hills claiming crazy things like Trump put his life in danger. 

Currently Trump's twitter feed is almost singularly battling a preposterous Media / Government Propaganda theme that "The Russians Hacked the Election." - and he's winning.

The Media / Government types live in such a bubble, they may not even realize that most of the people are laughing at them. Nobody believes the Russians got Trump elected, and they're making fools of themselves.

Truth is, the left is completely clueless on how to battle "Trump Tweets." Trump speaks instantly to almost 20 million people, and within minutes his tweets are retweeted 10's of thousands of times. Every journalist in the world has his twitter account configured to send Trumps twitter comments instantly to his phone - and so do millions of others (like me).

Millions have read, commented and discussed Trumps position - hours (maybe days) before the "News" is reporting on a Trump tweet.

Trumps tweets have stolen the "agenda setting mechanism" from the MSM - and they don't know how to deal with it. 

So. by all means.....

Tweet On! @realDonaldTrump Tweet On!