Rush Quotes Ax!

Like many conservative minded people, we enjoy listening to Rush when we can.  We devote this section to the couple of times when Rush has quoted our material during the show.  This page was fully developed in the previous site - and we'll attempt to restore it as close as possible to its original appearance in the coming days.


Like most people with a conservative mind set, we enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh.  We appreciate his insight, wit, and humor.  After having struggled with trying to put our show together for some time now, we even have a greater appreciation for his ability to remain consistently informative and entertaining - and make it appear easy.  (Heck our show is only sporadically informative and entertaining - and it sure is harder than it looks!)  From time to time, we (and about 50,000 others each day) send off an email to Rush.  He's never replied, but on two occasions Rush has featured our email on his show.  Of course, many times after writing Rush an email - He will divert his monologue subject to almost exactly what we wrote about.  Then we realize that oops we haven't even sent the email yet.  That's part of why Rush is so great - he has an uncanny ability to give voice to thoughts and feelings held by millions.  For the record, neither of these two incidents can be confused with a simple commonality of thought - in both cases Rush uses our words verbatim.  In the first case, Rush claimed the observation as his own - which we find to be the sincerest form of flattery; in the second Rush credited the email by name.  (our account at Rush 24/7 is under Axel's "other name")

The first time was just after the death of Micheal Jackson.  Many conservatives were complaining that the story of Micheal Jackson's death was getting too much air time.  Rush took a somewhat different view and reminded everyone that MJ had never been convicted of anything, and that his talent and achievements were undeniable.  I also believe that Rush feels some amount of solidarity with MJ on the basis that they both excelled beyond the known limits of their art, and both became targets for both persecution and prosecution.

We happened to agree with Rush's observation that the story of Micheal Jackson's death was a big deal and that Jackson's role in American pop culture was in fact iconic.  We wrote rush to express our agreement, but also to note that nobody has mentioned the parallel between Jackson's resurgence as an entertainer, and America's resurgence as a world leader in the 80's.  When I wrote the email to Rush, I was working on a blog post about Jackson for my Drill Down blog at Town Hall.  The entirety of the blog post can be viewed at Why Micheal Jackson Matters .  Knowing that Rush has little time to read long emails, I tried to boil down the blog post to the main points, but kept my "money quote" from the end.  A copy of the actual email sent to Rush is shown below.

When one sends an email to Rush Limbaugh through his 24/7 site, a box can be checked so that a copy of the email can be sent to your own email address.  Below is the copy of the email received from the "Doctor of Democracy"  after sending this email on the evening of July 30th.  While all the "identity" information is in the mail-form provided on the site, I usually try to remember to add name and town to the end of the email.  I neglected to do that on this one.

The following day rush featured the following audio during his show.  If one listens to Rush while following the above email, there can be no doubt that our email was the source of this particular "media tweak of the day."


He actually made a couple of references to it for the next two days, and it became the official "media tweak" of the day when several other main stream media sites picked up on the quote.  Most of course found it to be "outrageous."

Rush even made it a feature on the following days web page as shown here: (we added the yellow highlight) we also love that Rush calls it " A Limbaugh Observation" - as we said before; we consider it the sincerest form of flattery.


Much more recently, just before the November mid term elections, I sent Rush my football analogy of why the Democrats aren't panicked at the thought of an electoral wipe out.  Here's the email: (I did remember to add name and town to this one)

And here's Rush reading it:

you"ll notice he ad libs a bit

Surprisingly, Rush seems to get caught up in his ad lib and misses the point a bit.  Not to be nit picking, we know how difficult it is to be flawless in a live performance, and Rush does it almost all the time.  The main point was that Dems are viewing the upcoming change in Congressional power not as "defeat" but as simply having to play defense for a while - and the opposing offense was clearly ineffective.  In fact my first thought was to make a baseball analogy, using a team that just batted around twice and scored about 15 runs in one inning not being panicked that there was now two outs and their batter was facing an 0-2 count.

I'll admit that I changed to a football analogy because I know Rush loves football.  The analogy probably works better in terms of "facing an ineffective offense" also - so it's all for the best.

We'll continue to email Rush from time to time - with our best hope that one day he wears a "Just Undo It" shirt ; but if he comments on our work in the future - we'll be sure to post it here !