Condi Rice ! Are you &$#!ing kidding me!!

Ok, Haven't re-built the site yet, but had to weigh in on the Condi thing...

First, much has been said about the criteria by which a VP running mate is to be chosen.  Most of it is wrong.  The criteria should be First: Who is best able to enhance the probability of creating a winning ticket, Second: In the event they have to assume the office of President, they must be a better President than Barack Obama.

The number one goal is to defeat Obama.  If the running mate doesn't enhance that probability, its useless that they may make an otherwise good President.

Now, about Condi...

Romney has a potential weakness that most have overlooked.  He has little or no National Security or Foreign Policy experience.  While this is true of most Presidential hopefuls, in this case there is a particular vulnerability.  Obama is totally out of his league in matching wits or policy points with Mitt Romney on the issue of the economy.  If the trajectory of the election continues on the course that has been set today, with the economy being the driving issue, Mitt Romney will win this election in a tsunami like wave.

The Obama folks know this.  If things continue as they are, Obama will be forced to create a "game changing" event in the fall.  It seems he has two potential "game changers" at his disposal:

1. Dump Biden, and tap Hillary for VP. (Several of our Dem friends insist this is already in the works)

2. Create an international crisis that brings Foreign Policy or Defense to the forefront, and allow Obama to tout his bogus National Security creds like killing Bin Ladin, or Quadaffi.

If Mitt chooses a green eye shade guy like Portman, or Ryan, the ticket will be vulnerable to accusations of weakness on National Security.  If he has Rice, he largely preempts both of the above "chess moves" by the Obama campaign as being able to swing public opinion toward Obama. 

Lest one thinks this is foolish.  Remember that in 2008 the GOP nominated John McCain largely on the strength of his military credentials, only to have the tables abruptly turned to "the economy" by a bizarre series of events that have never been completely explained.  Undoubtedly, McCain - who was a poor candidate in any case, had at least a punchers chance in a fight with Obama over IRAQ, but was totally incoherent when discussing the economy.

I'd hate to be dealing with an ongoing Iran/Isreal conflict and have Paul Ryan or Rob Portman or as the stalwart anchors of the GOP ticket.