Trump: Showing How Fragile the False Liberal Reality Is - When Confronted by Truth

Donald Trump has created a phenomenon by telling the truth. Telling it loudly, and telling it louder when confronted with it's conflict with liberal orthodoxy. It's been encouraging to see how well it's worked.  One of this writers original "AXioms" is: "The Truth is Loud"

Trump has the indispensable  value of being connected to a segment of the population that is foreign territory to the GOP. Some would call it "Pop Culture." Others describe this segment as "Low Information Voters." Here we just call them "Stupid People."

Yes, the true coalition of Democrat voters isn't Blacks, Hispanics, Women, & Millenials - it's the portion of those groups that they've succeeded in keeping stupid. Trump is part of the "Pop Culture" media and has immediate credibility with the stupid, and the media outlets of the stupid. It has been heartening to see that The Truth resonates - even with the stupid.

Trump made a brash, bold, proclamation that "Mexicans who come here commit a lot of crime." This was completely in conflict with the media (and political) construct that they "come here as an Act of Love." While there are many fine people that cross the border illegally - what Trump said was ABSOLUTELY TRUE, is statistically provable - and even the stupid people know it.

Two days ago Ted Cruz totally devastated  the director of ICE in a Senate Hearing by reciting the facts that ICE has released more than 100,000 CONVICTED criminals in the past 5 years. Yet, nobody - other than those who listen to Limbaugh and Levin ever heard it. In contrast, Trump says "Mexicans commit A LOT of crime" - and it echos around the media for days, giving him opportunity after opportunity to make fools of those that confront him with the  phony alternate reality that they are all here for love. This is likely the first time any of the stupid people ever heard this truth from a major public figure, which immediately resonated - even with the them.

Then there was the "McCain is a war hero because he was captured." Again, completely true. Again completely at odds with the always truncated description that "John McCain is a war hero - period." In fact after Trump made the brash but true comment, dozens of talking heads and elected officials stampeded to the nearest mic, or camera to say just that - "McCain is a War Hero. Period." Yet, what Trump said was true, and it clearly limited McCain's ability to use his "hero" status to deflect those that would question his record as a Senator. While Trump was dealing in 100% truth, it's a safe bet that most of the stupid people heard for the first time that John McCain's heroism was completely based on his failure as a soldier.

Trump is putting on a clinic of how to deal with an entrenched media and political machine that insists on describing it's own false narrative rather than report reality for what it is. He speaks directly, uses blunt terms like "this idiot Lindsey Grahm." It gets peoples attention, and it puts Grahm in exactly his place. Giving out his cell phone number was a brilliant way to preempt Grahm from denying that he ever called Trump. Again, it solidified that Trump was speaking the truth, and it resonated with everyone - even the stupid.

Trump is effectively lighting the runway of how the GOP can connect with the largest segment of the Democrat stronghold of stupid people. Face it, to win a Presidential election - you need to get your share of the stupid vote. The stupid will not spend a minute of their day listening to Jinhal or Cruz - at least the way they're running their campaign now. They're way to intelligent to connect with the stupid.

Remember that Uber driver that didn't know who Jeb Bush was?

 I promise you he knows who Trump is - and he votes.

Just like Bruce Willis in Die Hard II; Trump is simultaneously blowing up the bad guys and lighting the runway for the good guys. Sadly, if the GOP were piloting the distressed planes in Die Hard II, the movie would probably end with each pilot refusing to use the non-approved lighting method at the runway and crash into the earth as the last of their fuel burned away.