What's to become of Deshaun Watson???

I've been a Browns fan for decades. Grew up in Cleveland, but have lived in Austin for 30+ years. There's lots of layers to this story, but for now, I"m only focusing on the pending "sexual misconduct" allegations.  I hated the way the Browns ran off Mayfield in favor of Watson, and am currently rooting for the Browns to lose every game this year.


This morning I was forwarded yet another article decrying Watson's atrocious actions and describing how fans booed him on his first appearance in Cleveland, and yelled insults about him being a pervert and predator.  While I'm still hating on the Browns, I've got to admit I"m starting to feel a bit of sympathy for Watson.

First, let's dispel the idea that Watson "couldn't get laid" so he preyed on massage therapists. This is the kind of caricature created by comparisons to well known predators like Harvey Weinstein, an obese, unnattractive, yet powerful person who could have enormouse influence on the career of an actress. Or by likening him to middle aged rich and powerful jetting around with Jeffrey Epstein, or even middle aged low life guys perving out at massage parlors. Watson's situation is nothing like any of those. 

Watson is a single, young, attractive, wealthy, famous, world class athlete. He turns down more "offers" in a day than most of us get in a lifetime

He turns down these "offers," for various reasons; not the least of which is that NFL players are made well aware that in today's environment, what would be a casual "hook up" for most, could result in a civil, or criminal claim being levied. Such claims range from rape allegations, palimony claims, or any variety of extortion. 

So what's a young, single, wealthy, famous, attractive, world class athlete to do?

Ok, - get married, have monogamous sex. Sure that works. But is this what we're really expecting?

So then, Watson calls a young attractive "therapist" to come to his house, (or he goes to her place) where she rubs oils and lotions over his naked body for 45 - 60 minutes. Maybe I'm mistaken, but somehow I'm thinking that it's probably not the first time that after 40 minutes or so of rubbing on a man's naked body that the "client" suggested a little "extra" service. Seems like therapists of this nature would be aware that some unenlightened males might get the "wrong idea" after 30 or 40 minutes of rubbing every square in of their naked body.

So it seems Watson's sexual advances have resulted in him being charged under NFL rules as comitting "sexual misconduct." Not rape, not assault. Misconduct.  Several of the women have given details about rather lewd behavior. The worst two seem to be two women the claim "HE orally penetrated THEM without their consent." Let's break that down a bit. It would seem the THEY (the "therapists") were innocently massaging Watsons naked body, and their naked vagina's just happened to somehow end up within "oral penetrating distance" of Watson's face - BUT they never TOLD him he was free to do anything with it - and oh my God, Watson "orally penetrated" them!   I guess this is what the NFL calls "sexual misconduct." So I guess Watson's guilty. 

It seems as though we're living in an environment where we're told that almost any sexual deviation is accepted or else we're exclusionary bigots. Yes, if you're a guy and you want to dress in drag and talk dirty to 9 year olds - it's a thing to be celebrated. If you're a "non-binary, pan-sexual" who is simultaneously "married" to 3 different people, a housepet, and a kitchen appliance - your values are NOT to be questioned.  If you're a gay guy and you want to go to the "bathhouse" and exchange body fluids and Monkey Pox with dozens of guys a night - that's your right! 

But if your single, wealthy, heterosexual male, and you get a little freaky with the naked woman massaging you in your house - this can't be tolerated. For this behavior, you must pay with your money, and your career. 

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NBA Finals 2022 - My Thoughts...

Just wanting to go on record here, so if I'm right, I can point to this and say, "I told you so," and if I'm wrong, well almost nobody cares anyway...

I don't have a particular favorite in this year's Celtics / Warriors matchup; but as a Cavs fan, I must admit to having something of an anti-Warrior bias. Not withstanding, it seems to me that the Celtics are physically superior in size, speed, and except of Steph Curry, skill. The Celtics finished the season with a league best 17 - 5 record after the All Star Break.  The Celtics path to the finals has been difficult. They chose not to duck the Nets and swept Durant and Kyrie. They faced the Bucks and Yanis and recovered from a 3-2 deficit. (yeah I know Middleton was injured). They then took on the number one seed Heat, and beat them in a 7 game series - that somehow seemed to be always in the Celtics control. 

The Warriors, finished the season with a mediocre 11 - 12 record after the All Star Break. As a 3 seed, the Warriors had an easier than expected path to the finals. They faced a somewhat depleted Nuggets squad, then a fun to watch but "not ready for prime time" Grizzlies team, then played the Mavericks who surprisingly nocked off the number 1 seeded Suns. 

Despite the apparent physical superiority of the Celtics, their stronger finish, and harder path through the playoffs; most of the pundantry seems to have already crowned the Warriors as champs. Most of the discussion on NBA radio yesterday seemed surround the topic if a Finals MVP for Steph Curry would place him in the discussion of all time greats. The possibility of the Warriors losing didn't seem to be realistically considered.  Given that, I'm expecting the Celtics to come out with a giant chip on their shoulder in Game 1 and beat the Warriors soundly. I expect the Warriors to squeak out a close win in either Game 2 or Game 3 - but that's it. I'm saying Celtics in 5.

Of course injuries and or suspensions could play a major role in altering the outcome, but I think the pundant class is buyng into the invincability of the Warriors in the playoffs, which I believe is something of a myth. In the Warriors first Finals Championship they lost 2 games to a Cavs team that was missing Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. The following year, the Cavs beat the Warriors. Then Kevin Durant joins the Warriors and they're obviously much improved. I realize that there are those that believe that winning without Durant will be a motivating factor for the Warriors - and it might be - but it won't be enough. The Size, Speed, Strength, and Skill advantages of the Celtics will be too much for the Warriors.

There, I said it. Now let's see what happens...

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Bidens "Arm Brace" Confusion

Ok, to be fair, there's a lot of confusion to go around on this subject. I've heard a great deal of mis-information from supposed conservative "experts" on 2A issues. Even John Lott, a verifiable authority on gun crime statistics uttered some very questionable descriptions of Biden's proposed "arm brace" ban. If you don't have any idea of what this "arm brace" controversy is - don't worry - most people dont. It's really not a  controversy. It's really a conflict created by 2 opposing retard level regulatory statutes.

Retard level regulatroy statute 1: No "Rifle" can have a barrel length of less than 16". If a Rifle has a barrel length of less than 16" - it's defined as a "Short Barrel Rifle" (SBR) and subject to rather extreme regulation by the ATF (or AFT as Biden would say) such as registration and payment of a $200 tax and require a "tax stamp" as proof that the owner had paid the $200 tax. This is a feature of the 1934 National Firearms Act, which was the first major gun grab by the US Government. Originally, pistols were to be included in the restricted firearms, with only rifles to remain as readily available consumer items. Because they feared people would circumvent the law's restriction of pistols, they included language to outlaw the shortening of rifle barrels. At the last minute, pistols (hand guns) were removed from the Bill - but the limitation on short barrel rifles remained. The result was, no major manufacturer made SBR's even though there is significant demand for a more manuverable defense weapon with rifle like fire power. There are some SBR's on the market, but they're rediculously expensive.

In an effort to meet the demand for SBR type function, and knowing that Legislators never want to repeal any law regardless of how retarded it may be; they proposed a counter retard level option...

Retard level regulatory ruling 2: An AR-15 "Lower" with a barrel length of less than 16" is "Pistol" (not an SBR) - as long has it doesn't have a "stock". Instead of "stock" manufacturers created the term - "arm brace" and for good measure threw in that it aided people without use of both hands to fire this "Pistol". Well that was always bullshit, but it's the kind of bullshit that gets things passed, so the ATF agreed that while SBR's were still highly regulated and quasi-illegal - AR Pistols were perfectly fine.

So there you have it, Retard Law 1 (regulating SBR's) was effectively repealed by Retard Ruling 2 (AR-Pistols are not SBR's) creating something of a "Non-Retarded Equilibrium" with two conterbalancing nonesensical laws / rulings.

Now, in effect Joe Biden wants to erase Retard level Ruling 2 returning us to the Retard level restriction on SBR's.

Now some may think it's sound policy to ban the "arm brace" thinking it would ban AR-15 pistols. But it wouldn't. It would just make AR Pistols look like the image below instead of the image of the Pistol above...

Of course no criminal would ever think of doing a mass shooting with such an item, and of course if he did - he'd never attach a stock to it - because mass shooters wouldn't want to make their crime "illegaler" by violating an ATF regulation - and of course it would make about 4 million of us with one of these complete with an arm brace in our closet a criminal. Pretty much sounds retarded to me.

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Since Limbaugh's Passing is a Long Haired Occultist the Best Political Analyst / Commentator?

Rush Limbaugh's passing left a huge void in the world of political analysis and commentary. No, we're not lacking in talking heads, and there are quite a few good ones. Mark Levine does good work, Dana Loesch is informative and entertaining, Hannity is ok.  The list is long, but none of the current group of commentators seems to have the wit, timing, information and entertainment value that Rush had.

Several years ago while browsing You Tube, I stumbled across this kind of freaky long haired occultist looking dude that had some really interesting commentary. I found myself watching his You Tube posts fairly regularly, but he seemed to disappear. About a year ago, when it was becoming evident that Big Tech was silencing conservatives, I explored some of the "New Tech" sites, BitChute, Rumble, Odysee and Lbry; and low and behold this guy was everywhere. He goes by the handle Styxhexenhammer666, and he does do some occult commentary, but he displays a serious depth of knowledge on a wide variety of current events and has good timing and voice inflection that make his commentary very listenable. His analysis of current events are generally sound and concise usually lean to the libertarian right. I often find myself nodding in agreement and sometimes laughing out loud at his sometimes vulgar but humorous descriptives. No wonder You Tube has virtually hidden him from sight. 

I've got no idea how many people have heard of or are aware of this guy, but since the passing of Rush Limbaugh, I've started to wonder if the best political commentator / analyst might be this long haired foul mouthed occultist?

For fun I've embedded one of my favorite commentaries about making it as easy to vote as it is to buy a gun - it's really good - dare I say, almost "Limbaughesque" (except for the F bombs of course) 

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Browns Steelers Playoff 2021 - thoughts / predictions

Ok, so Joe Biden stole the election, Trump is under political seige, Parler just got shut down by AWS, the very fabric of free speech is under fire from the "Democrats", and the country seems lurching closer violent confrontation every day - but for now, I'm going to watch football. Yeah, I know, they're all spoiled anti-American fascists - but the Browns are in the playoffs and I'm going to watch...

Of course, these aren't exactly the "real Browns," who packed up and moved to Baltimore about 25 years ago. This is an expansion team that inherited the name and history of one of the most successful sports franchises in the world and pretty much trashed it. Just the same, as the team wearing the colors and carrying the name of the team that I grew up living and dying with - I've got to stop and watch what happens tonight.

I have to admit it makes it more interesting that Baker Mayfield, who grew up in the Austin TX, (where I've lived for 30+ years); is at the helm of the Browns and seems to have somehow become the perfect fit to iconify the "Browns" as a gritty determined underdog with enough swag and skill to play give any team a run for the money.

But that's probably not going to happen tonight.

First, the Browns defense has been awful. And that's with Defensive End Olivier Vernon playing at an All Pro level. Now, Vernon is out for at least the balance of the playoffs, and Miles Garrett is playing like he still has Covid-19. The secondary has been riddled with injuries all year and has real trouble matching up with anyone. Even so, the Browns refuse to use blitz packages and seem to always allow a passer eons of time on 3rd or 4th and long. This is how the Browns have become the only team in the playoffs to have allowed more points all year than they've scored all year. Yes, the Browns are 11 - 5; but it's been 11 nail biters and 5 beat downs.

Next, if the Browns injury issues weren't enough - Covid-19 has removed the head coach and All Pro left guard Joel Bitonio; as well as closed their practice facilty for the week. The Browns just barely beat the Steelers last week with a healthy Olivier Vernon, and Bitonio - while the Steelers rested all their key starters. Given the lopsided chain of injury and Covid events of the past week; it's doubtful that the Browns can keep this game close past half-time.


The Browns do have Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb - and the Steelers have shown the ability to come out and play just plain ugly - so, let's go ahead and play the game - maybe the gritty, underdog, Mayfield can throw a couple of sucker punches before the big bad Steelers know what hit them. Probably not, but that's why we play the game!

Go Browns!


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