Erick Erickson Creates Trumps Macaca Moment

Erick Erickson has banned the Republican front runner from his forum of Presidential candidates, joining a long list of morons hoping to enhance their own status by piling on a Republican that threatens the status quo. 

The current frenzy about Trump calling poor Mrs. Kelly "hormonal" is absurd. His comment about blood coming from her eyes was clearly a statement of his belief that she was "going for blood", "a kill shot", "a take out" - or at least that's how any normal human would take it. 

Just like anyone would take George Allen purposely mangling an opposition researchers name as a mild insult, the Washington Post found a non-existant link between the word "Macaca" and racism. After weeks of making Allens "racism" the leading story of the race - we got Senator Jim Webb.

I'm not a Trump supporter. But idiots like Erickson, Kelly, and Luntz are pushing me his way. Why the GOP insists on taking out their most popular people is a mystery. I guess that makes why they lose Presidential elections no mystery at all. 

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Obama Demanded Iraq Parliament Approve SOFA - Denies US Congress Role in Iran Nuke Deal

Ok, maybe I'm just ticked because nobody seems to think this is significant but...

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq which launched the rise of ISIS and unleashed a continuing wave of unspeakable violence and brutality in the Middle East - was due to the failure to reach a "Status of Forces Agreement" (SOFA) with Iraq. Perhaps the largest reason that such an agreement failed was because unlike previous SOFA's: Obama and the US State Department lead by HILLARY CLINTON :


Now, Obama and the US State Department, lead by John Kerry, openly mock the role of the duly elected representatives of the United States to have any role in the Iranian Nuclear "Non Deal."

So, will any of the media who chase down every member of the GOP and demand that they denounce the latest rantings of Donald Trump try to ask either Obama, Hillary, or Kerry:

"You demanded the Iraqi Parliament participate in the SOFA negotiation - why are you denying US Congressional input in the Iran Nuke Deal?" 

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More Nonesense From the Media

When it comes to dealing with Democrat politics, I find the lack of intelligent reasoning in the major media to be insulting. Of course, the way much of the so called conservative media deals with Democrats is just as insulting.

For a couple of days now, many media outlets have been pouring over the printed hard copy of edited and redacted email text from the private email server of Hillary Clinton, and reporting on inane subject matter that has no bearing on anything.

For the umpteenth time....

Hillary Clinton released NO EMAILS.

She released printed hard copy of what she alleges was generated by printing the text of the subject, and body of portion of an electronic mail transmission. Of course it lacks any evidence of linked text, any attachments, and could have been easily edited prior to printing. Obviously the printed copy conceals evidence of editing.

And we're to believe that the person who...

-purchased the domain "",

-pointed the primary dns to the dedicated IP address assigned to her residence, 

-connected that IP address to a stand alone mail server in her residence,

-kept all of her correspondence outside of required government backup servers,

-and then physically destroyed the hard drive on which all of the actual emails were stored,

...has turned over ALL the printed records that might contain ALL potentially incriminating evidence.

If Clinton were a suspect in a murder I guess the police would show up at her house with a search warrant looking for a murder weapon - and Clinton deny them access to the house, but bring out three boxes in which she claimed have "anything to do with the murder," claim she was COMPLETELY cooperating with the investigation, and DEMAND the investigation proceed as quickly as possible. The police would thank her profusely and the media would marvel at her "transparency."  Of course she'd throw a couple of interesting things into the box just to make it worth looking into.

Then the Major media would breathlessly await the results of the forensic tests and widely proclaim her innocence when the results made available. Then the so called conservative media would try to highlight all the mildly unflattering details revealed in the "investigation," and everyone will ignore that they allowed her to direct the investigation to only what she wanted to be seen.   

Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if Tom Brady had sent a couple of boxes of printed pages to the NFL and proclaimed, "I've released ALL of the text and email from my phone." My guess is that the media would condemn such a thing as laughable.

Which is exactly what this "Cllinton Email Investigation" is.


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Why Obama Can't Contact Kathryn Steinle Family

In the past days much has been made of Obama's lack of acknowledgment of the murder of Kathryn Steinle. After all, he did reach out to the families of Travon Martin, Micheal Brown, and Freddie Gray.

He even made it a point to reach out to Sandra Fluke and Jason Collins.

So why the reluctance to attempt to comfort the Steinle family?

The answer is simple.

The circumstances surrounding the deaths of Martin, Brown, and Gray were extraordinarily rare. How often is a black teen shot while beating the crap out of a "white hispanic" neighborhood watch captain? - almost never ! 

How often is a woman called a slut by Rush Limbaugh? I think that was a first !

What's the frequency of a heroic athlete publicly proclaiming his willingness to have other men sexually gratify themselves via his anus ? Probably never happen again !


How often does an illegal immigrant murder someone in the U.S.? 

- About 10 times - every day.


So - Obviously the President can't be expected to go around comforting all of the murder victims of illegal aliens. If he did, he'd never have time to do anything else; then again... maybe that's not a bad idea. 

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Trump CANNOT Fund His Own Campaign

So Trump is running for President. I'm no Trump fan, but would vote for him if he were the nominee. Before we get too carried away with his flamboyant rhetoric, we need to assess the sincerity of this campaign. The most concise "acid test" of a candidates viability is their plan to finance the campaign.

Hillary has been clear. She'll ramp up the Clinton Money Machine and tap well healed donors and a vast array of previous useful idiots to raise close to $2 Billion. To compete with her, it will take at least as much as Romney raised in 2012 - about $600 Million.

Trump has total cash and marketable securities of about $300 Million. The balance of his highly ill-liquid wealth totals a bit less than $4 Billion. If Trump were serious about funding a Presidential campaign; he would have already re-structured his debt to try to free up AT LEAST and additional $500 Million.

In reality, trying to liquidate half a billion from his property holdings would require complex and time consuming multi-party negotiations that would take months to complete. Of course, now that he's an announced candidate, any such dealings will involve the scrutiny of the FEC - which would make such transactions additionally tedious.  

So, lets be honest. If Trump is serious - he'll need to raise money - just like everyone else. Since he's already declared he WON'T be raising money - it's hard to believe he's serious.

For what it's worth, Trump values his "Brand" at about $3 Billion. (more than 10 times the Forbes valuation) It's likely his "team of accountants" has already projected the "Brand Value" increase of participating in GOP debates, and winning delegates in Iowa and New Hampshire. 

Trump's not really running for President. He's starring in a public reality show.

UPDATE- 7/12/15:

Trump has dominated the GOP political landscape since he announced his campaign. The financial facts stated above are as valid as ever, but the balance of the GOP would do well to understand the value that TRUMP brings to the GOP. Presidential elections are no longer determined by "independents" but rather by "stupid voters."  In mid-term elections, about 80 million reasonably well informed people vote - and the GOP dominates those elections. In Presidential elections an additional 40 million people vote. Those 40 million, mostly "stupid voters" are the people that chose our President. 

Trump has a direct connection with those 40 million people. Trump can introduce them to a GOP that they scarcely knew existed. Trump's status as a reality TV star, Miss USA promoter, and world class blowhard, make him a natural favorite of the "stupid voters." Face it, the GOP needs to get a bigger share of the "stupid vote." None of the 40 million stupid voters are going to listen to 5 minutes of Bobby Jindal - but will wait in line to hear Trump make idiotic proclamations. 

Sure, it would be great if we could just educate people to not be so stupid - but that's a different, and longer term issue. For this election, Trump provides a great opportunity for the balance of the GOP to play off of his celebrity and use the connection to "the stupid" to gain at least half of their votes. The GOP should not be attacking TRUMP, but rather clarifying and explaining the portions of his positions that have merit - and discounting his crazy rantings as rhetoric. 

Trump is showing the way to battle an entrenched opposition media, and reach 40 million "swing voters" - and the GOP seems to be determined to ignore his appeal, and virtually demand those 40 million stupid voter vote for the champion of the stupid - Hillary Clinton.

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