Wake up folks, ObamaCare Website isn't Broken

News Flash - The ObamaCare website ISN'T broken.

- and they won't fix it. 

Sure, they'll proclaim it "Fixed" and trot out some fools who've signed up, but the site will continue to be plagued with errors and a compliant media will dismiss all complaints as some sort of radical fringe "deniers."

This is how Government allocated commodities work.

When Governments own the factors of production, as in Soviet era Russia; first the Government requirements are met, and the consumers get the result. Take it or leave it, what ever it is.

The ObamaCare web interface was designed to collect, parse, and aggregate user data for the benefit of Government FIRST and deliver health care options to the user only after the primary goal was achieved. The Government will not change its priority and the site will never function appreciably better.

Getting ObamaCare will become the U.S. equivalent of getting commodities in the Soviet Union. Get in line early, stay late, pay high prices - and be thankful for what you've got.

Get used to it America - you voted for it - now deal with it. 

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Boehner has the Winning Hand - Will He Play It?

Despite the heroism of Ted Cruz, the battle of ObamaCare will take place in the House - not the Senate.

Even before the House has finished drafting its latest funding bill (CR) the Senate and Obama have declared that they will not accept it and will force a so called "Shut Down."

Boehner and the house GOP have a winning hand to play - if they'll play it. When the Senate rejects the current CR, the House should wait a few days and let the "shutdown fury" play itself out a bit. Take the time to reiterate that Obama and the Senate have two Bills on their desk to fully fund Government, but refuse them. 

Despite their positioning to the contrary - it is Democrats, not Republicans that will face mounting pressure to cave. The House should submit a third and final CR something like this:

-Fully fund Government at existing levels

-Fully Fund ObamaCare Immediately

- Remove all individual penalties for not participating

Once the third and final CR is passed, the GOP will point out that the ObamaCare bill remains 100% in tact, and if it's as great as they say it is - people will enter the system voluntarily. This is the American way, and a true "pro-choice" position. In the face of mounting pressure to re-open the Political Patronage Distribution system we call "Government," It's hard to imagine that there won't be a few defectors to the "Pro-Choice" side.

Boehner should also add, that this is all we're going to do - if we want to leave the Government running in a state of "essential services only" until the 2014 elections - Fine. Let the people vote on whether or not they want to be forced into ObamaCare. 

If we can't win that argument - we're not going to win any others anyway.

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Obama Should Own His Role in the Defund Effort

While Republican elites are busy attacking Ted Cruz for his efforts to derail the most intrusive government over reach in history, all sides are silent on the role Obama and the Democrats have played in this effort.

First the Democrats passed ObamaCare using extraordinary legislative "brinksmanship" to garner its passage despite large public opposition and not a single Republican vote in either house.  The Obamacare Bill; as written, could never pass either house of Congress today. The Obamacare Bill, in its current form (modified by the Court and unilaterally by Obama) could not even have passed either House of Congress in 09.

Ramrodding such highly unpopular and partisan a law, with such a narrow margin was an invitation to defeat it through any political "brinksmanship" possible.

Most importantly, Obama had every opportunity to immunize any attempt to defund Obamacare by meeting the minimum requirements of the Constitution and passing a Budget. It is the President's own brazen refusal to pass a Budget that makes this law vulnerable to defunding efforts.

It is Obama's own fiscal mismanagement that has given the House of Representatives the power to mount an effort to defund ObamaCare. 

Make no mistake. The House has Constitutional authority over spending. Republicans are well within their power to withhold funding until it's repealed. The only question is if they have the resolve to do so.

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Are Democrats bluffing on "ShutDown" Politics

Democrats have, at every opportunity, proclaimed their eagerness to reject ANY conservative efforts to place budgetary restrictions on this administration; and subsequently shut down the Government if Republicans request the slightest deviation from their spending demands.

The prevailing wisdom is that for some reason ANY shutdown, for ANY reason, amounts to political Armageddon for the GOP. Strangely, neither history or logic support that wisdom. 

Yes, the MEDIA will scream as loud as possible that the GOP is destroying the country by not caving to the threat of a shutdown. Yet, it is really the Democrat constituency that suffers under a shutdown, and those are the people who will pressure their representatives to re-open the Government. When hundreds of thousands of Fed employees are sitting at home without a check, even for a few days-it will be those people who demand the Government re-open.

Private sector businesses, in general, would rejoice in a shut down.

One last thought. The GOP needs to remember that todays "Government" is seen far differently from the "Government" of the 70's and 80's. After the NSA and IRS scandals, far more people see this Government as an oppressive Leviathan, rather than a Benevolent benefactor.  

The fallout of a "shut down" might be dramatically different than "prevailing wisdom" indicates.

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SCOTUS, Trayvon, validate Snowden decision

Yes, these three seemingly unrelated events share a common thread. That is the fundamental breakdown of our legal institutions.  The rule of law has been brazenly abandoned, and replaced with rule by aggravated public opinion.


Those citizens of California who sought to protect the 5,000+ year old, undisputed definition of marriage; used every conceivable legal step to codify this obvious truth. After spending millions in campaigns and legal challenges, SCOTUS dismissed them as being "without standing." In addition, the majority opinion responded directly to those who continually incite and "aggravate" public opinion by branding all those who disagree with the majority has having no basis other than bigotry.

George Zimmerman, by all accounts (even the prosecutions witnesses) fired a fatal shot at Trayvon Martin while being physically battered by Martin. This act is within the right of self-defense in EVERY jurisdiction in this country. The original investigation by local authorities confirmed Zimmerman's story and did not charge him. Enter the "aggravators of public opinion" who clearly altered images, recordings, and lied to whip the low information masses into a frenzy over a perceived injustice.

Zimmerman may be found "not guilty." His life is none the less diminished as he will live in hiding for decades.

Those who legally amended the California State Constitution were found to be "without standing" and ultimately defeated.

Still, there are those that believe that Eric Snowden had some other recourse than flight after  blowing the whistle on a massive public eavesdropping operation.

Snowden is neither hero or Patriot. He's simply an informant. He informed the public of Governmental intrusions into privacy that are repugnant to all but the most dim witted among us.  Many have said that Snowden should submit to the "rule of law" and accept the consequences of his behaviour. The events of the past week demonstrate irrefutably that the "rule of law" in America is dead. His flight was the only possibility of preserving his life and some degree of liberty.

We can thank SCOTUS and the Zimmerman prosecution for making that clear.

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