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FCC Net Neutrality Text - Why can't we see it?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to place trust in a Government that has abandoned even the pretense of representative legitimacy. (That is, that they derive their just powers from the consent of the governed)

We've been presented with mountains of supposed expert discussion on what the FCC ruling will do, or mean, and how it will - or won't effect us. Yet, no one can claim to have even seen the text of what has passed. The rumored 300+ page document that will now exert authority over our internet; has yet to be released.  

Even more maddening than Nancy Pelosi's famous "You have to pass the bill to see what's in it" comment; is the FCC's stance of, "We've voted on new regulations, but you still can't see them." Until, one supposes, that one is found in violation; at which point fines and penalties will be assessed - and perhaps - if paid - one will be able to see what regulation was violated.  But maybe not even then.

Somehow this reminds me of TARP.

Does anyone else remember the frantic days of the fall of 2008 when we waited on the brink of supposed economic collapse awaiting the passage of TARP?  At the time I said should be called the Obi Wan Kanobi Act - Because supposedly TARP was our only hope .

We were treated to hours of discussion and volumes of articles describing in detail the planned mechanics of a "reverse auction" mechanism where by "troubled assets" would be auctioned and banks liquidity would be repaired.

Then we got to actually see the Legislation. I recall anxiously awaiting the download of it's text. I recall my surprise that there was in fact no "Auction" - just a $700 billion authorization for the Secretary of the Treasury to spend as he saw fit.  Oddly I don't even remember any of the "experts" of the day even bothering to utter a "Never Mind."

Now once again we've got mountains of opinion on both sides telling us "what this means." Yet, in this age of instantaneous communication, where Kim Kardashian's oiled up butt can reach millions within mere minutes; the FCC cannot produce the documents that they've supposedly enacted. (At the risk of commenting before seeing the regs - How will all the folks claiming "All bits are equal" act when their internet activity is forced to wait on Kims butt?)

Thanks for all the commentary by the experts; but contrary to the contention of many, I'm completely capable of reading 300 pages and I'm confident that I understand both the law and technology enough to know what it says.

...and if I ever get to see it; I'll be happy to tell you what it means.

Until then, I'll just wait to hear what I've violated.