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Hillary Email Might NOT have Contained Classified

There is a growing narrative that Hillary Clinton will be indicted for illegally transmitting classified information over non-classified systems.

But did she really?

The "evidence" seems irrefutable on its' face. It consists of the Hillary's own response to a request to turn over her "emails" from a private email server.


It is important to remember that Hillary NEVER turned over ACTUAL EMAIL. She turned over 50,000 pieces of paper that she claimed contained the printed product of all the "email" that she chose not to delete. As we've discussed previously, it's likely that there is NOTHING on any printed page that Hillary didn't want people to see. 

If that's so, why is there so much "classified information" in evidence?

Because that's NOT what she was attempting to conceal.

Remember, that at the time, those clamoring for Hillary to "release her emails" were not doing so to find her illegally transmitting classified information. They were hoping to find evidence about Benghazi, and evidence of influence peddling as meticulously documented in Peter Schweizer's  "Clinton Cash." Here's our theory....

Desperately needing to conceal such information, team Clinton swung into action.

-They went into the actual State Department Server, and downloaded "official" email documents onto a thumb drive.

-They culled all the emails that contained damaging information about Benghazi and influence peddling.

-Then cut and pasted "official State Department" related email text into the files. (there is significant evidence that this actually happened - see the previous link)

-Converted the new "email files" to printable .pdf format.

-Printed the new "email files."

-Destroyed the hard drive where all the evidence existed.

-Voila - Perfectly clean email history. No evidence of Benghazi cover up, or quid pro quo influence peddling as detailed in "Clinton Cash." 

Only one problem. Much of what they copy / pasted to cover their tracks on Benghazi and illegal solicitations turned out to be "classified" and shouldn't have been sent from that email system. In fact, the presence of such classified email is in itself, a significant crime. 

One might ask, "Are they that incompetent that they didn't know that placing classified information on their emails was a crime?"

Before one answers that, recall that this is the same group that went to extensive effort to create a "reset" button for the Russian Ambassador - and used the wrong word for "reset." (She actually created an "Overcharge" button.)

Also, remember the timeless adage...

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Doesn't seem so crazy now, does it?