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WikiLeaks a BlackMail Threat to Hillary - Not a Boost to Trump

-UPDATE 10/29/2016

We believe it is highly likely that the FBI decided to re-open the investigation against Hillary because they've discovered exactly what is described here. That is, that Hillary altered her emails prior to printing them and delivering them to FBI, State, and Congress. If that is so, she will probably be offered the opportunity to withdraw from the race rather than face criminal prosecution.

original post of 10/22 ...

The source of the Podesta emails at Wikileaks is not known. For the sake of discussion, lets assume it's "The Russians," as is alleged by Hillary's 17 intelligence agencies. It seems clear that if this is the case, the Russians are NOT trying to elect Trump, they are showing their hand in a blackmail operation against a future Clinton Administration.

Here's why....

Clinton didn't just delete 33K emails. She deleted ALL emails from ""

In response to Congressional Subpoena  for "electronic correspondence", Clinton provided printed pages of what she claimed were the text of emails. We believe that Clinton altered the bodies of the email text prior to printing them. That is - she committed, fraud, perjury, and obstruction of justice - in a single act. She then, of course destroyed all digital evidence that could prove her criminal acts.

Except, if someone else as digital evidence of the altered emails. Enter "The Russians."

The WikiLeaks "Podesta emails" have been released in 12 separate document dumps to date. Each dump has reached a bit deeper into the nexus between the Podesta emails, and the released "" emails that were obtained under FOIA request. To date, in the Podesta emails there are 282 emails that contain reference to "" The oldest email is dated 10/18/2011 n a date range that spans from 2011 - 2016.

If one searches the Clinton Email database for reference to "podesta", one finds 125 references, with the newest date being 2013 in a date range that spans from 2009 - 2013.


To date, there is not a single email of the 282 Podesta emails sent to "" addresses that coincides with the published email from "" It seems almost inevitable though, that the hacked Podesta emails include transmissions that were part of what Hillary submitted as true and accurate representation of "email" - but was in fact, a fraud. It's likely that the Podesta emails contain prima fascia evidence of such fraud.

The clear signal being sent to Hillary Clinton is this:

We have 3 years of Podesta's emails that overlap the period of emails you've turned over to Congress and the State Department.

We hold Prima-Fascia evidence you've committed Fraud, Perjury, and Obstruction of Justice - High Crimes and Misdemeanors by ANY definition.

If we release them, you will be Impeached, Convicted, and driven from office in shame - going down in history as the second Clinton to be Impeached.

If elected Clinton will ALWAYS be either reacting to actual blackmail, or suspected of doing so. Either way, it will make her totally ineffective in dealing with Russian aggression.

The evidence that she committed such fraud?


The fact that she was in possession of, and meticulously destroyed, EVERY trace of exculpatory evidence that she didn't.

Seriously, it takes about 30 seconds to "turn over email" evidence. But instead of turning over email as requested by subpoena, she invested thousands of man hours in downloading email files, converting them to .pdf documents, and then printing them. There is NO logical reason to do that unless you wanted to conceal the fact that you've edited the files.

So, there's your choice for President folks, a woman who's negligent handling of communication has made her a prime target of blackmail by unscrupulous foreign governments; or an outspoken billionaire who's committed to control immigration, improve trade deals, stop senseless wars, and has been overheard saying he grabs women by the p***y.

Doesn't seem like a tough choice.