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Is "Losing" a Republican Value?

In the past months we've heard much of "Republican Values." The NeverTrump crowd seems obsessed with claiming moral superiority based on their rejection of the GOP nominee - based on "Republican Values."

They might be right.

Because the only consistent underlying "Republican Value" of the last 30 years is LOSING.

Yes, this is the unshakable value to which, at all costs, Republicans cling. They may waiver or falter on other common Republican interests, you'll find much disagreement on immigration, foreign policy, abortion, gay marriage, or spending priorities - but they all universally agree - they MUST Lose.

This is the point at which the establishment GOP parts with Donald Trump and his supporters, who seem diametrically opposed to losing. Yes, they've even had the temerity to cheer for WINNING! This is not to be tolerated by the GOP elders and the elites of Conservatism Inc.


Maybe. But lets look at some history....

In the 40 years prior to 1994, the House of Representatives was dominated by Democrats. During that time "The House" dominated public policy and often even foreign policy. During that time, Republicans won the White House about half the time, but almost always yielded to a Democrat dominated House, often citing the "power of the purse,' to which they were irrevocably bound.

In 1973 the Democrat Congress denied funding for any further military operation in Viet Nam. A compliant Republican President declared he "had no choice" but to order the immediate evacuation of Viet Nam. This required the U.S. crash it's own helicopters into the sea and abandon thousands of Vietnamese allies to be slaughtered by the North, or risk drowning.

But hey, what could they do? Congress controlled the budget - right?

Then came 1994. The Republicans took control of the House. Now they could control the purse strings. Not exactly. Newt Gingrich came to blows with Bill Clinton over the budget and a "shut down" ensued. After weeks of being pilloried by the media, the "shut down" was on the verge of being "won" by Gingrich - when the Bob Dole interceded and demanded a loss. Rather than getting a balanced budget, the GOP settled for a 7 year plan to get to a balanced budget.

But wait, there's more....

In 2000 Bush was elected President, Republicans won the House, and Republicans tied in Senate seats - which would give the tie breaking vote to the Republican Vice President. Yes. Republicans held both the legislative and executive branch of Government. But, the GOP value of "losing" kicked in. Elected Republican Jim Jeffords announced he was leaving the party and would caucus with the Democrats. Once again - the Republican value of "losing" prevails.

But wait, there's more...

In 2004 the GOP had an opportunity not only to gain ground in the Senate, but to gain in ideological strength. The sitting leftist Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, faced a strong and credible challenge from the far more conservative Pat Toomey. Sitting President GWB, The RNC, and sitting Senator Rick Santorum ALL campaigned vigorously for Specter and Specter managed to win his primary challenge by less than 1%.

The ensuing GOP Senate Majority was largely muted by the left leaning Senators that consistently opposed George Bush, and finally due to losing the House in 06 - maintaining once again, the party value of "losing."

Yep, still more...

When opposition to ObamaCare seemed to invigorate Republican energy - even leading to the special election of a Republican Senator from Massachusetts - the previously mentioned Specter, decided he must switch parties and become a Democrat. ObamaCare passes, and the Republican value of "losing" prevails.

Since that time, Republicans have dominated State House and Governor elections. Almost as quickly as they were won, much like the GOP Congress, those institutions have largely receded to irrelevancy. Republican State Governments are consistently subservient to pressure from Federal authorities above, and seem to always allow liberal City governments below to institute leftist policies. Those that resist (Indiana, North Carolina), are pilloried, and eventually abandoned by the GOP.

Then comes Trump. He says three things.

-Immigration is out of control - I'll stop it.

-Stupid trade deals are bad for us - I'll end them.

-Pointless foreign wars are, pointless - I won't get into them

This resonates overwhelmingly with a segment of the electorate that has been dead to the GOP for two generations. He gains more popular support than any GOP candidate, ever.

Then adds one over-riding thing above all.....

When they attack me, I'll fight back - and I'll win. 

This my friends, is not consistent with Republican Values.