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Total Eclipse - of the Truth

No, I won't be staring skyward this afternoon trusting my vision to pair of $5.99 Chinese "eclipse glasses." By the time the 70% eclipse passes over Austin Texas, I'll have watched countless high quality videos of the event which happened two hours earlier in Portland. 

Perhaps my perspective on the "eclipse of the sun" has been impacted by spending a week staring directly into an almost total "eclipse of the the truth."

This week President Trump made several statements referring to the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, The most controversial being Trumps statement that there were,

"fine people on both sides."

This statement is almost certainly true, and entirely impossible to demonstrate to be false. I watched Faith Goldy ; who seems to be a fine person, give an on-site objective description of the events on the ground. Her description of "dumb white men" being exploited by the "alt-right" while being interviewed by an alt-right podcast; got her fired from her job at Rebel Media. 

The statement that there are "fine people on both sides," of any issue - or attending any event seems so obviously true - that it's practically a meaningless statement. I'm fairly confident that their are even "fine people" who belong to ISIS. That is, I'd be willing to stipulate that their are some "fine people" that given the choice of being beheaded - or joining ISIS - would join ISIS.

Granted, it's hard to imagine a "fine person" chanting "Jews will not replace us." (a phrase that makes no sense to anyone but those chanting it - I guess) But that isn't what Trump said. He said there were fine people who showed up to protest the removal of Civil War Statues, and fine people who showed up to support the removal of Civil War Statues.

Unless someone has list of the names and knowledge of the people in attendance, how could such a statement even be questioned?

Yet, in an almost total eclipse of the the truth, much of the media on both the left and the right have gone into spasms insisting that the ONLY good people were those who attended the protest to support removal of Civil War monuments. Oddly, none have made the observation that there are no good people wearing masks and committing violent assault. 

In a continuing total eclipse of the truth, the media has Incessantly repeated that Trump equated the counter protesters with NAZI's - when he did no such thing. (even though the ANTIFA may deserve such a comparison) If one states that there are fine players on the New Jersey Nets and the Golden State Warriors - one is making a true statement - but in no way "equating" the two teams.

Many years ago, we coined the phrase, "The Truth is Loud."

The phrase was meant to indicate that "The Truth" has it's own inherent amplification, because people recognize and identify with statements that square with observable reality. What Trump stated about Charlottesville was true, and it resonated with people despite an onslaught of elitist reporting that is dedicated to the eclipse of such truth.

The "Truth" is that here in America, we exist in  overwhelmingly racial and cultural harmony. Everyday, there are BILLIONS of inter racial/cultural interactions in this country without the slightest hint of acrimony. The narrative that this country is a seething cauldron of racial hatred is unsupportable by any objective evidence.

This continued effort to stratify people into opposing factions serves no interest other than to empower a Government that encourages both sides to demand protection from the other - implicitly granting more and more power to Government; while diminishing the power of the individual. 

Since we coined the phrase, "The Truth is Loud," we've added an addendum to it.

That is, "The Truth is Loud, but it won't tell itself."

Right now, President Trump is one of the few telling the truth. We sincerely hope he continues to do so.