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Yes the FBI SHOULD investigate Blasey Ford Accusations

Much has been discussed about why the FBI does NOT investigate allegations such as the one levied by Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Kavanaugh. It is pointed out that this is a local law enforcement issue and a complaint needs to be filed at the local level police or sheriff's department. Both practical and physical limitations make this impossible.

In a practical sense, if one was to show up today, at a typical urban police department with evidence of a crime such as the video evidence of someone stealing your car - you'd be asked to fill out some paper work and go home. Your evidence would go into a file, and the "investigation" would begin - and end. That is, if they ever stumbled across your car, they'd call you. If your alleged crime was a physical assault, and you couldn't specifically identify the time and place of the assault - your "investigation"  would never begin. In either event, there is NO possibility of this investigation starting on a local level.

The accusation in itself is unclear. The clearest description of the event we've found is "pulling her into a room at a house party. He tore at her clothes and bathing suit and stifled her yell for help." There is no stated location, there is no stated date, there are no named witnesses, (except one who's denied any recollection of any such event) and there is no physical evidence. This makes the path of investigation incredibly clear, and the investigation should begin immediately.

The only point at which to begin this investigation is with a formal FBI interview of Ms. Ford.

No need for her to inconvenience herself.  An agent should show up at her door this morning, another should show up at the door of Senator Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein. Ms Ford should be informed that the FBI is investigating her charges and the only place to begin is by interviewing her and establishing the basis of the accusation. It should be made clear to Ms. Ford that if she provides any misleading or untrue information during this interview, she risks charges of lying to a Federal Investigator. No small matter, just ask Martha Stewart. If during this investigation, Ms. Ford can provide further information that needs to be investigated, such as a specific time, date, and place of the event - or name additional witnesses; the FBI should trace down and investigate each of those specific points to see where they lead. 

Simultaneously, another FBI agent should question Senator Feinstein as to her role in these accusations.

When did she receive the accusatory letter from Ms. Ford?

From who did she receive it ?

Was this just dropped into a letter box by Ms. Ford with the hope that it might be read some day?


Was it hand delivered to Senator Feinstein via an intermediary?

if so, who was this person?

All of these aspects of this case need to be investigated, because this is not really the investigation of an event from 35, 36, or 37 years ago (she's not really sure which would apply) - it's an event that occurred sometime in July when Ms. Ford wrote and sent an accusatory letter to Senator Feinstein. It cannot be assumed, that with the balance of power in the Supreme Court at stake, that there is NO possibility that this accusation was fraudulently produced, and to do so knowingly is in fact a crime. Further, if the people involved knowingly collaborated in this criminal activity; it constitutes a conspiracy to defraud. Serious business in the world of Federal Sentencing.

So yes, lets start the FBI investigation. Ms. Ford, it starts with you - and we'll see where it goes.

UPDATE: 9/29/2018

So, it appears we will get an FBI investigation. This brings to mind two questions...

1. What will be investigated?

Will they be investigating the specific charges of Dr. Ford, will they be investigating all of the seemingly unfounded charges against Judge Kavanaugh, will they be investigating the friends of the judge, and most importantly, will they be investigating the credibility of the accusations and the accusers?

As stated in the original post, will they investigate the potential criminal conspiracy to commit fraud that might include members of Congress, Congressional staff, and media?

2. Which FBI will be conducting the investigation?

We obviously have at least 2 FBI's. One FBI can review tens of thousands of emails on Anthony Weiner's computer and within 72 hours determine "nothing to see here", and move on. 

The OTHER FBI can take a case with NO evidence, then MANUFACTURE some evidence, and continue the investigation indefinitely insisting that they must look for MORE evidence; as in the case of the 2 plus years of investigation into the alleged "collusion" between the Trump campaign and "Russia."

If the FBI that cleared Weiner/Abedine in 72 hours is doing the investigation; Kavanaugh will be confirmed by this time next week.

If the OTHER FBI does the investigation, this investigation will never be completed, and U.S. will be one step closer to Tyranny, or a violent Civil uprising.