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Let's Stop Complaining About Voter Fraud

Yes, it's time to stop complaining about voter fraud. 

No, I'm not saying we ignore it, just stop the whining AND START CHEATING!

The truth is, what the Democrats did in 2020 has been ruled as legal and acceptable voting and campaigning by virtually every court that's had an opportunity to rule. The rules are changed and the rule changers are in power - so they won't change the rules back.

  • Dead voters - OK 
  • Unmatched Signature - OK
  • Undated Mail in Ballots - OK
  • PO Box Addresses - OK
  • Ballot Harvesting - OK
  • Intimidate other party poll watchers - OK 

There's dozens more, but you get the point. All of the above are things we've been trying to stop for decades and it just keeps getting worse. The only real hope of changing this fraud based system is to participate in it - and it should start in Georgia. The ballot count in the Georgia run-off should be about twice the population of the State. The GOP poll watchers should be recruited from Bikers for Trump and be prepared for what ever it takes to both disqualify democrat fraud and approve ALL GOP votes. 

These are the new rules. We can either play by the rules as they currently exist - or lose every meaningful election - while clinging to some warped sense of principal that we "maintained our values" while whining about the other guys cheating.