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The GOP, Boehner, and the Battle of San Jacinto

History is marked with pivot points. Those are points at which a seemingly inevitable outcome is dramatically altered almost instantaneously - often due to the single decision of a single individual. Few of these pivot points were as dramatic as the Battle of San Jacinto; and it bears more than a few similarities to the current Battle of ObamaCare.

For those who are unfamiliar with this pivot point in Texas, U.S., and World history....

The Republic of Texas had declared it's independence from Mexico. The Mexican army was in the process of destroying this rebellion. Mexicans slaughtered Texans at battles of Goliad and The Alamo. The Texas army was in retreat from March 13th until that fateful day of April 21st.  As the Mexican army pursued General Sam Houston's retreating army, the force was heckled and jeered by locals, ridiculed by the sitting Texas President, and faced a mounting mutiny by soldiers that wanted to engage the Mexicans.

Finally trapped at the banks of the San Jacinto River, Sam Houston stopped his retreat. The Mexican army, somewhat weary from their long pursuit, knowing the Texans were trapped - decided to make camp, rest a day or so - and kill all the Texans when they were better rested.

Though historical accounts are unclear, I'm sure that a furious argument over "tactiics" ensued in the Texan camp. The assumed tactic was to reinforce their position and hope to repel the inevitable Mexican attack.  But someone came up with "a better idea." Realizing the Mexicans, believing the Texans were trapped,  had allowed themselves to become vulnerable to a surprise attack. This "better idea" eventually prevailed, and in broad daylight on April 21st, 1835 the Texans attacked a "resting" Mexican army - and killed almost all of them - in about 18 minutes.

That decision and ensuing act changed what seemed to be an inevitable course of human history. Today, every Texan, and to some degree, every American and Mexican lives a life with the inherited benefits of the outcome of that battle.

Today, John Boehner and the GOP face a similar situation. The ObamaCare legislation that is emblematic of a seemingly inevitable trend from Liberty to Authoritarianism has been left vulnerable by a Democrat Party that believed it would hold permanent majority status in Government. The Democrats could easily have protected ObamaCare from a "defund" effort in the House (where the GOP majority has every vote it needs to do so) by simply passing a Budget.

Even more brazen, the Democrats allowed the current approved funding for Government, and the debt ceiling limit to virtually coincide with the implementation of ObamaCare. It NEEDS the cooperation of the GOP lead House, both for continuing operating funds (CR) and for a debt limit increase.

Boehner will soon face a decision much like Sam Houston. Despite the heroics of Ted Cruz, he will soon receive an amended CR from the Senate that fully funds ObamaCare. He can use this momentary vulnerability to attack ObamaCare, and send it back EXACTLY as originally passed. Despite the emphatic proclamations to the contrary - it's quite likely that it will be the Democrats that quickly cave in the wake of a Government shut down.

Seriously, who needs Government more?

Democrats and their constituents or Conservatives and their constituents?

The remaining question is whether Boehner will attack ObamaCare at perhaps it's last point of vulnerability, begin to reverse the march toward Authoritarianism, and take his place in history as the political General that changed the course of history - or will he just be the putz we all assume he is.

Well, many people didn't think Sam Houston would attack either...