Reconsidering "Double Reverse Jihad" - Disproportionate Response

I originally wrote the following piece after the Muslim attack of UN workers in Afghanistan.  The attack was  prompted by some perceived disrespect for the Koran.  As the events are unfolding today in the Middle East, I believe its worth revisiting the rather "modest proposal"....

Among the radicals of Islam, there is a demonstrable belief in the effectiveness of disproportionate response.  We in the West are bewildered by such thought.  We have come to believe that the biblical dogma that states "an eye for an eye" is a rather brutal reference; when in fact it was a statement defining proportionality of response to any given offense.

We have been programmed to believe that responding to any given offense in a disproportionate manner is fundamentally wrong.  This is why we are so outraged when we read headlines like this:

This is the kind of response that seems common in the Islamic Culture.  It goes along with the stoning of woma nwho are accused of adultery, the public lashing to death of a raped 14 yr old, murdering artists for written opinions,or even hi-jacking and crashing jumbo jets into sky scrapers  to show disapproval of the location of a military base.  (Even if that military base was installed to protect your beloved Holy Land)

The problem is, that we in the west have no tools for making an impact on people who deal out, and respond too - disproportionate responses.  The response of the west to the above headline was; "To issue strong condemnation."

Seriously folks, but the acronym ...


Has never been more appropriate

Really? A strong condemnation? Really? Why not just issue a twitter post "smh"?

Ironically, Ronald Reagan was the last U.S. leader to understand the concept of "disproportionate response."  When the then rising star of the nut bag world, Muammar Gaddafi (Is it possible to spell that wrong?) sponsored a night club bombing that targeted American Soldiers and killed 3 civilians . . . Reagan bombed his compound to smithereens.  Mo got quiet for a couple of years.

Then he ordered the Lockerbie bombing.

Hence the dilemma.  If the west continues to issue smh responses to Islamic Radical atrocities, it will do nothing to deter future attacks. If the west responds with a direct  attacks on the perceived source of the atrocity - it is likely to escalate to an even deeper cycle of violence.

We, at Ax D. WhiteMan Show, however have a proposed solution to this dilemma.

The Islamic Radicals have a particular kryptonite.  They show it when they respond so dramatically to such things as the burning of the Koran.  Similar reactions come when "Holy Sites" are attacked.  Below is a ranked list of the holiest "Islamic Sites"

Sunni Shia
#4Mount Sinai, Egypt #8 Bāb Saghīr Cemetery in Damascus, Syria
#3 Masjid Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem #7 Sayyidah Ruqayya Mosque in Damascus, Syria
#2 Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina #6 Al-‘Abbās Mosque in Karbalā, Iraq
# 1 Makkah, Saudi ArabiaSunni: #5 Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque in Damascus, Syria
  #4 Jannatul Mu‘alla Cemetery in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  #3 Jannatul Baqī‘ in Madīnah, Saudi Arabia
  #2 Imām Husayn Mosque in Karbalā, Iraq
  #1 Imām ‘Alī Mosque in Najaf, Iraq

The table above, or something much like it, shall become the "Target List" on which multiple conventional warhead ICBM''s are aimed.  We should issue a public proclamation via all available media outlets, and world forums, that within 24 hours of the next Radical Islamic inspired atrocity, the site on the top of the list will be destroyed.  They will have 24 hours to move people out of, or into, the sites as they see fit.  At this point, we don''t care which.  If there is a violent response to the destruction of the first site on the list, say goodbye to the second, and so on.

This proposal is not made in jest.  The time has long passed when we can excuse such inhumanity as occurred yesterday in Afghanistan as some sort of cultural anomaly.  Consider also, that the victims of this sub-human attack all voluntarily chose to leave safety and comfort in an effort to bring some level of humanitarian relief to this self-imposed hell on earth.  Their acts of kindness, charity, and good will earned them an agonizingly gruesome and violent death.

If there is to be an end to this atrocious barbarism in our lifetime, we must respond in a manner that is clear, powerful, and yes - disproportionate.  This is proposal is disproportionate.  This is what they understand.  This will solve this problem in either one of two ways.  The barbaric radicals will stop their indescribably idiotic violent behavior, or all physical evidence of their faith will be erased from the face of the earth.

Again, at this point I don''t care which one of the two they choose.