Trump CANNOT Fund His Own Campaign

So Trump is running for President. I'm no Trump fan, but would vote for him if he were the nominee. Before we get too carried away with his flamboyant rhetoric, we need to assess the sincerity of this campaign. The most concise "acid test" of a candidates viability is their plan to finance the campaign.

Hillary has been clear. She'll ramp up the Clinton Money Machine and tap well healed donors and a vast array of previous useful idiots to raise close to $2 Billion. To compete with her, it will take at least as much as Romney raised in 2012 - about $600 Million.

Trump has total cash and marketable securities of about $300 Million. The balance of his highly ill-liquid wealth totals a bit less than $4 Billion. If Trump were serious about funding a Presidential campaign; he would have already re-structured his debt to try to free up AT LEAST and additional $500 Million.

In reality, trying to liquidate half a billion from his property holdings would require complex and time consuming multi-party negotiations that would take months to complete. Of course, now that he's an announced candidate, any such dealings will involve the scrutiny of the FEC - which would make such transactions additionally tedious.  

So, lets be honest. If Trump is serious - he'll need to raise money - just like everyone else. Since he's already declared he WON'T be raising money - it's hard to believe he's serious.

For what it's worth, Trump values his "Brand" at about $3 Billion. (more than 10 times the Forbes valuation) It's likely his "team of accountants" has already projected the "Brand Value" increase of participating in GOP debates, and winning delegates in Iowa and New Hampshire. 

Trump's not really running for President. He's starring in a public reality show.

UPDATE- 7/12/15:

Trump has dominated the GOP political landscape since he announced his campaign. The financial facts stated above are as valid as ever, but the balance of the GOP would do well to understand the value that TRUMP brings to the GOP. Presidential elections are no longer determined by "independents" but rather by "stupid voters."  In mid-term elections, about 80 million reasonably well informed people vote - and the GOP dominates those elections. In Presidential elections an additional 40 million people vote. Those 40 million, mostly "stupid voters" are the people that chose our President. 

Trump has a direct connection with those 40 million people. Trump can introduce them to a GOP that they scarcely knew existed. Trump's status as a reality TV star, Miss USA promoter, and world class blowhard, make him a natural favorite of the "stupid voters." Face it, the GOP needs to get a bigger share of the "stupid vote." None of the 40 million stupid voters are going to listen to 5 minutes of Bobby Jindal - but will wait in line to hear Trump make idiotic proclamations. 

Sure, it would be great if we could just educate people to not be so stupid - but that's a different, and longer term issue. For this election, Trump provides a great opportunity for the balance of the GOP to play off of his celebrity and use the connection to "the stupid" to gain at least half of their votes. The GOP should not be attacking TRUMP, but rather clarifying and explaining the portions of his positions that have merit - and discounting his crazy rantings as rhetoric. 

Trump is showing the way to battle an entrenched opposition media, and reach 40 million "swing voters" - and the GOP seems to be determined to ignore his appeal, and virtually demand those 40 million stupid voter vote for the champion of the stupid - Hillary Clinton.