It's about Delegitimizing SCOTUS not about Kavanaugh

I've come to think that the goal of the post hearing attacks on Judge Kavanaugh are less about defeating his nomination; and more about delegitimizing the Supreme Court.

This is part of a pattern of the left. During the 40 years that Democrats dominated control of the House of Representatives, Democrats routinely described the House as "The Peoples House" where "real power" was vested. During that time, "The House" among other things; ended a foreign war, dramatically shifted immigration policy, and pushed for the removal of a sitting President. When Democrats lost control of "The House," they routinely described actions of "The House" as irrelevant, illegitimate, and worthy of being ignored. Especially in terms of Budget, Immigration, or Border enforcement - not to mention such legislative acts as "The Defense of Marriage Act." 

Democrats will now routinely Judge Shop any legislative act with which they disagree, till they find a sympathetic Judge to issue a ruling in their favor. In open court the Democrat legal teams routinely describe Congress dismissively.

Now it appears they may lose control of the Supreme Court. So it follows, now they must  delegitimize the High Court, so they can defy the rulings of the Court - much in the same way they defy Federal Immigration Law, and Federal Controlled Substance Law.

The last remaining law will be mob rule. That is, whatever the manufactured outrage machine of the left can justify as correct - will become the "New Law." 

Welcome to the "Tyranny of the Cacaughany"