Since Limbaugh's Passing is a Long Haired Occultist the Best Political Analyst / Commentator?

Rush Limbaugh's passing left a huge void in the world of political analysis and commentary. No, we're not lacking in talking heads, and there are quite a few good ones. Mark Levine does good work, Dana Loesch is informative and entertaining, Hannity is ok.  The list is long, but none of the current group of commentators seems to have the wit, timing, information and entertainment value that Rush had.

Several years ago while browsing You Tube, I stumbled across this kind of freaky long haired occultist looking dude that had some really interesting commentary. I found myself watching his You Tube posts fairly regularly, but he seemed to disappear. About a year ago, when it was becoming evident that Big Tech was silencing conservatives, I explored some of the "New Tech" sites, BitChute, Rumble, Odysee and Lbry; and low and behold this guy was everywhere. He goes by the handle Styxhexenhammer666, and he does do some occult commentary, but he displays a serious depth of knowledge on a wide variety of current events and has good timing and voice inflection that make his commentary very listenable. His analysis of current events are generally sound and concise usually lean to the libertarian right. I often find myself nodding in agreement and sometimes laughing out loud at his sometimes vulgar but humorous descriptives. No wonder You Tube has virtually hidden him from sight. 

I've got no idea how many people have heard of or are aware of this guy, but since the passing of Rush Limbaugh, I've started to wonder if the best political commentator / analyst might be this long haired foul mouthed occultist?

For fun I've embedded one of my favorite commentaries about making it as easy to vote as it is to buy a gun - it's really good - dare I say, almost "Limbaughesque" (except for the F bombs of course)