What Motivates the GOP on Immigration?

It just doesn't make sense.

The GOP is pushing "immigration reform" - code word "amnesty." The end result of which will increase Democrat voter registration by millions. 

The theories abound. We're told we must "get the issue off the table."


It will only be replaced with the next issue we'll be told we have to "get off the table."

Some believe that the GOP are acting according to the whims of wealthy industrialist donors who want cheap labor, and they'll be rewarded with patronage positions after they're voted out of office.


But we wish to pose yet another theory.

Lets call it the "Brady Quinn Syndrome."

Apologies to Mr. Quinn - who by all accounts is a fine person and an outstanding athlete, but...

Brady Quinn entered the NFL with great fanfare and expectations. He's just never been able to be the number one quarterback. He's had a 7 year NFL career. Rarely takes a snap, or a hit; makes tons of money; is still a hometown hero and generally enjoys all the benefits of being an NFL player. He also never gets the blame for the loss, never has to do a post game press conference and probably isn't even that concerned about concussions.

I can't help but feel like the GOP leadership just prefers to take a back seat to the Democrats, never risk having to defend their policy choices, and enjoy the enormous trappings of power that accompany be a House or Senate member. Decades of gerrymandering make the majority of the seats safe, with the only danger being a Tea Party challenge.

Not surprisingly, the only time the GOP leadership shows any degree of hostility - it's to potential Tea Party challengers.

So, again with apologies to Brady Quinn, the GOP seems to be seriously afflicted with "Brady Quinn Syndrome."